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Innovative Solutions, For Good

By breaking down silos, we can work across disciplines to find solutions to the major challenges that confront humanity. The climate crisis is a case in point. We need the scientists and climatologists to help us better understand how our natural environment is changing and to model future scenarios, we need the social scientists to explain the effect of climate change on people and how behaviour can be changed. We need the ethicists, governors, policy- and lawmakers to guide communities and to keep climate offenders in check. By working together, we can develop innovative solutions that benefit both people and our planet. - Professor Barry Dwolatzky, Director of Innovation Strategy at Wits University

There are many trailblazers at Wits who have developed innovative solutions to real-world problems and that impact on society.

Some of these projects are featured below.

  • Pelebox – An invention to cut down the time that patients spend waiting for medication in hospitals
  • SmartSpot – Technology that improves the accuracy of TB testing
  • JamLab – A continental hub to support innovation in journalism and media
  • PecoPower – A homegrown electrical off-grid solution for local communities, are examples of innovations spawned at Wits that positively change the lives of people every day 
  • Novel infection control solution – A new self-sanitising surface coating addresses infection control in hospitals, food processing plants and public transport surfaces
  • WitsQ – A hub for quantum science and technology at Wits
  • eFundanathi eZone – A high-tech student-cantered adaptive learning environment that revolutionises teaching and learning at Wits
  • PRICELESS - A research-to-policy unit advocating for effective decision-making in health
  • WhatsApp maths hotline – An innovation that helps learners during a pandemic
  • Wits’ holistic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes medical researchers, social scientists, engineers, data scientists, legal experts, ethicists, teaching and learning specialists and community leaders who played a significant role in leading society’s response to the pandemic both locally and globally
  •  Tracking COVID-19 in malls – A new app to track the coronavirus in malls, using artificial intelligence

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