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Research Entities in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Each entity is based in one of the Schools of the Faculty of Health Sciences and has a Director or Leader. Four of the Faculty's entities are co-recognised by the Medical Research Council of South Africa (MRC). The research entities based in the Faculty of Health sciences and currently recognised by the University and Faculty Research Committees include:

School/Research Entity

School of Anatomical Sciences

School of Clinical Medicine

School of Oral Health Sciences

  • Bone Research Laboratory Unit
    Professor Ugo Ripamonti
  • Systematic Review Initiative for Evidence-based Minimum Intervention in Dentistry
    Professor Veerasamy Yengopal and Dr Steffen Mickenautsch

School of Pathology

School of Pathology and Therapeutic Sciences

School of Public Health

School of Physiology

School of Therapeutic Sciences

Research Thrusts
The University seeks to provide support to work being done in specific broad fields, known as research thrusts, in which there is Institution-wide strength. The Faculty supports two thrusts at present:

  • Molecular Biosciences Research Thrust Faculties of Science and Health Sciences
    Championed by Professor Chrissie Rey and Professor Michele Ramsay
  • Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle Faculty of Health Sciences
    Championed by Professor Karen Sliwa and Professor Nigel Crowther

The Faculty is home to several Centres of Excellence: