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Carnegie-WITS Alumni Diaspora Programme

Building bridges between past successes and future achievements

The Programme seeks to stimulate research collaboration and networking between our leading health sciences alumni, who now live and work in academic institutions around the globe, and their counterparts at Wits.

The Programme aims to capitalise on and boost the strength of the research networks which already exist, to stimulate dialogue, and help establish further collaborative and exchange partnerships with Wits Alumni at international health research institutions. The HSRO seeks to link with research-active alumni who would be willing to “come home” for short periods of time in order to encourage and foster research in the Faculty of Health Sciences, to develop research collaborations, to promote exchanges of postgraduate students and to explore the building of other joint initiatives.


Carnegie-WITS Fellow: Dr Neil Gordon

The Carnegie-WITS Alumni Diaspora Programme was delighted to welcome back Carnegie-WITS Fellow Dr Neil Gordon, who spent a few days visiting the Faculty at the end of August. Dr Gordon was hosted by Professor Demitri Constantinou, Director of the Centre for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine in the School of Therapeutic Sciences.

Although only visiting for a short time, Dr Gordon made a positive impact on all he interacted with. As the chief executive officer of INTERVENT International, a global lifestyle management and chronic disease risk reduction company, Dr Gordon has authored over 100 published scientific manuscripts, eight books, and numerous scientific abstracts in the area of preventive medicine. On the 31st of August 2017 he presented a Faculty lecture on the use of technology to facilitate lifestyle management and cardiovascular disease reduction.  

Dr Gordon was also a special guest Fellow at the inaugural Carnegie-WITS Host Symposium which took place on the 1st of September 2017, along with other Carnegie-WITS Fellow Professor Roy Zent (Vanderbilt University).

Carnegie-WITS Host Symposium

On the 1st of September 2017, the Carnegie-WITS Alumni Diaspora Programme held its first ever Host Symposium under the Directorship of Professor Beverley Kramer and facilitated by Professor Karen Hofman. Held at the Four Seasons Hotel, The Westcliff, the purpose of the Symposium was to gain insight from Wits hosts about the successes and challenges within the context of the Carnegie-WITS Diaspora Programme; the value it has within the broader Wits and health sciences community; and  how it can be sustained going forward.

Attended by over 30 participants, including two Carnegie-WITS Fellows and a Carnegie Corporation Representative, Ms Claudia Frittelli; the symposium presented an opportunity for Programme stakeholders to engage with one another and share common purpose – ensuring that Wits University maintains its reputation as one of the leading research universities in Africa and the world, and creating an enabling environment for new and emergent researchers.