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Support students and residences

Equality Scholarship

Realising the discrepancies in the education system where well resourced schools are able to out-perform disadvantaged rural and township schools based on available economic resources that enable additional academic support for learners, Wits University established the Equality Scholarship in 2014. The Equality Scholarships were created to assist talented learners from marginalised communities, who despite learning in deprived environments often with inadequate learning and teaching support, produce excellent academic results. These are awarded to the top 10 learners from Quintile 1 and 2 schools who choose to attend Wits.

The Wits Food Bank

Without proper nutrition, students cannot keep up with the heavy demands of academic study. Unfortunately there are students who struggle to afford the basic essentials, including food. One of the most important priorities of the university is to ensure that all of our students have access to nutritious food; with this in mind, the university established the Wits Food Bank, a repository for non-perishable food and essential non-food items for students in need. Food packs are made available through donations of food to the Food Bank as well as funding donated for the procurement of groceries. The establishment of the Food Bank and its objective of reaching out to students in need is ideally placed within the Wits Citizenship and Community Outreach portfolio. It allows students to recognise broader societal challenges and their role in finding creative ways of alleviating distress. Food packaging is done by Wits student volunteers and food collection drives are co-ordinated through volunteer efforts.

Disability Rights Unit

The Disability Rights Unit (DRU) at Wits is a support unit within the Registrar’s Division committed to ensuring that students have equal access to educational opportunities at Wits so they can participate, freely and actively, in all facets of university life. DRU pledges to assist students with disabilities to receive reasonable accommodations in academic and non-academic programmes and to create awareness of the issues and abilities of people with disabilities amongst the Wits community.

We are committed to working toward the goal of creating an equal, accessible and welcoming environment for all students with disabilities. We endeavour to make the learning environment a rewarding and enriching one through the exceptional design of innovative learning and working environments.


Our services and programmes are designed to encourage the entire Wits community to see health, fitness and being physically active as a way of life. We provide students, staff and alumni the opportunity to participate in a range of sports codes at the level they choose while contributing to enhancing Wits' sporting prowess and vibrant sporting culture

Missing Middle Campaign

In South Africa, university is open to rich and poor – but what about the children of South Africa’s nurses, teachers and police officers, who fall outside the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding for poor students, yet do not have enough funding to cover the cost of studying?