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Mamokgethi Phakeng

"Phakeng calls on all Wits alumni “to get more involved in helping to support Wits students"

Mamokgethi Phakeng’s Adopt-a-Learner Foundation offers financial support to deserving black students from townships and rural areas studying at Wits and other universities and nursing colleges.  The idea of the Foundation and its mission to assist others came about because Phakeng was a student at Wits and in need of funds to make the upfront payment for registration fees.  The Student Development Programme at Wits assisted her with funding to pursue her studies. She maintains, “My Foundation and the awards I give at Wits every year are part of my way of helping other students, as I was once helped.”

Phakeng is the sponsor of the Mamokgethi Phakeng Award for outstanding performance in mathematics education postgraduate studies at Wits. Two awards are made available each year to black South African women in the field of maths education at Wits to pursue their PhDs.