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Kwanele Sishi

I grew up in Swayimane, a rural area close to Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal. I am currently doing my third year of medicine. The human body fascinates me, I am continually amazed at how perfectly God created us, and I believe that I am an extension of His healing hand on Earth. Once I am qualified, I would like to work as a clinician for a few years and then specialise in psychiatry or neurology. I also hope to be involved in academics and academic research in later years. Looking at the future of South Africa, I think what is crucial is producing more leaders and highly-skilled professionals and ensuring that they are employed within the country because we are currently losing a lot of our skilled workers to other nations. For me, South Africa is the country of choice to pursue my career as I feel that I need to use my skills to serve my country in gratitude for its contribution to my growth as well as my academic development.