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Wits Isotope Geosciences Laboratory (WIGL)

A new ultra-clean, metal-free lab has recently been completed in the School of Geosciences, for the preparation of samples by isotope dilution and ion exchange chromatography prior to mass spectrometry (TIMS or ICPMS).


The WIGLab is a completely metal-free, ultra-clean air environment with Class 10-100 air conditions in laminar-flow fumehoods and Class 1000 general lab air. The lab has capacity for 5-6 simultaneous workers and is a research and training intensive laboratory. A wide range of element separation procedures are being setup to provide potential researchers with flexibility for multidisciplinary research.


Various architectural plans for the WIGLab with the final figure showing progress of the lab construction as at 5 August 2016.


This facility operates in conjunction with a newly set-up Resolution-NuPlasma laser ablation-solution multi-collector ICPMS facility at our neighboring university, the University of Johannesburg. We have a collaborative user agreement for the processing of samples in the clean lab at Wits University and subsequent isotopic analysis of samples on the MC-ICPMS at University of Johannesburg.


Of course, samples processed in the Wits Isotope Geosciences Lab can also be sent to other mass spectrometry facilities (e.g. TIMS instruments) around the world through our network of collaborations.



Resolution laser ablation multi-collector ICPMS (Nu Plasma) facility housed at our neighboring university (University of Johannesburg) and the main spectrometer that will process samples from the Wit Isotope Geoscience Laboratory