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Featured Research


Dr David Olivier: Urban Agriculture in Cape Town: Building Sustainable Livelihoods

L. W. Traill: Space use patterns of a large mammalian herbivore distinguished by activity state: fear versus food

Dr Emma Archer: Understanding the evolution of the 2014–2016 summer rainfall seasons in southern

Dr Penelope Mograbi; Prof Barend Erasmus: Who knocks down the most trees – humans or elephants?

Prof Barend Erasmus: Humans and elephants as treefall drivers in African savannas

Prof Coleen Vogel: Smallholder farmers in the Great Ruaha River sub-Basin of Tanzania: coping or adapting to rainfall variability? 

Prof Bob Scholes: Global Climate Change and Ecosystem Services

Prof Bob Scholes: Evaluating agricultural trade-offs in the age of sustainable development

Prof Barend Erasmus: Woody encroachment over 70 years in South African savannahs: overgrazing, global change or extinction aftershock?

Prof Barend Erasmus: Sequestration of precious and pollutant metals in biomass of cultured water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)

Prof Barend Erasmus: Mapping landscape beta diversity of plants across KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, for aiding conservation planning

Prof Barend Erasmus: Synergistic effects of climate and land-use change on representation of African bats in priority conservation areas

Dr Kaera Coetzer-Hanack; Prof Barend Erasmus: Thresholds of change in a multi-use conservation landscape of South Africa: historical land-cover, future transformation and consequences for environmental decision-making

Prof Coleen Vogel: Transforming climate hazard and disaster risk profiles in southern Africa

Prof Coleen Vogel: Environmental problem-solving in South Africa:harnessing creative imaginaries to address ‘wicked’ challenges and opportunities

Prof Bob Scholes: Evidence for facultative deciduousness in Colophospermum mopane in semi-arid African savannas

Prof Bob Scholes: Global climate change and Ecosystem Services

Prof Bob Scholes: Evaluating agricultural trade-offs in the age of sustainable development

Prof Bob Scholes: Taking the mumbo out of the Jumbo: Progress Towards a Robust Basis for Scaling in ecology

Prof Bob Scholes: Observation and integrated Earth-system science: A roadmap for 2016–2025

Prof Bob Scholes: Key impacts of climate engineering on biodiversity and ecosystems, with priorities for future research

Dr Catherine Van Den Hoof: Mitigation of drought negative effect on ecosystem productivity by vegetation mixing

B.W.T Coetzer: Microclimates mitigate against hot temperatures in dryland ecosystems: termite mounds as an example

B.W.T Coetzer: Evaluating the ecological performance of protected areas

G Alexander: Sampling interval affects the estimation of movement parameters in four species of African snakes Journal of Zoology