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When: Tuesday, 02 April 2024 - Tuesday, 02 April 2024
Where: Hybrid Event

Marie Curie Lecture Theatre Health Sciences Campus 7 York Road, Parktown
Start time:17:30


Cost: No Cost

The Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics invites you to the annual Ethics Alive Symposium

Speaker Bios:

Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem is an Al ethics adviser. philosopher of science and technology. logician. and machine ethics researcher. She is Head of Philosophy, University of Pretoria, a member of the UN Secretary General's High Level Advisory Bod on Al. and Chair of UNESCO's World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledae and Technology (COMEST). She is associate editor of the Journal for Science and Engineering Ethics, and full member of the prestigious International Academy for the Philosophy of Science (AIPS). She serves on various Al ethics and governance advisory boards internationally, including the expert advisory group of the Global Commission on Responsible Al in the Military Domain and the Global Academic Network, and the Centre for Al and Digital Policy, Washington DC

Keymanthri Moodley is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Medicine and Head of the Division of Medical Ethics and Law at Stellenbosch University. The Division is a WHO Collaborating Centre in Bioethics. one of twelve in the world and the first on the African continent. Kevmanthri is also an Adiunct Professor at the Universit of North Carolina. USA. She is a specialist familv phsician. bioethicist. an NRF rated researcher and a member of ASSAf. She has been Principal Investigator on 5 NIH grants and has over 120 publications. Her most recent NIH funded research project explores ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) in big data and Artificial Intelligence in the African context. She is a member of the WHO Ethics and Al Expert Group.

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Sydney Brenner Research Symposium

When: Tuesday, 09 April 2024 - Tuesday, 09 April 2024
Where: Hybrid Event
Parktown Health Sciences Campus
New Training and Teaching Resource Centre, Wits Faculty of Health Sciences, 7 York Road, Parktown, Johannesburg
Start time:8:30

For more information contact:


Cost: N/A

Science meets history - celebrating the life, times, and scientific journey of Sydney Brenner. Sydney Brenner Institute Research Symposium

Prof. Shabir Madhi, Dean of the Wits Faculty of Health Sciences, and Prof. Michèle Ramsay, Director of the Sydney Brenner Institute for Molecular Bioscience (SBIMB), invite you to the Sydney Brenner Institute Research Symposium, a partnership with the Adler Museum and the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Library & Archives.

The SBIMB, named after Nobel Laureate and Wits University graduate, Sydney Brenner (1927-2019), is a Research Institute within the Wits Faculty of Health Sciences, established in 2014 and has been directed by Prof. Michèle Ramsay over the last 10 years. The vision of the SBIMB is to offer a world-class research environment where top scientific and clinical researchers conduct innovative and relevant biomedical research to address some of Africa’s greatest health challenges and to develop the next generation of African scientists.

April 5th 2024 marks five years since Dr Brenner’s death at the age of 92. The SBIMB commemorates Dr Brenner by honouring his legacy and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Institute.

The symposium will showcase the research conducted by postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers at the SBIMB since its inception. The symposium will also explore the impact of medical history and the history and philosophy of science on the curriculum of undergraduate medical and health-related sciences, in the pursuit of knowledge, science, and critical thinking today.


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CHSE Weekly Wednesday Webinar Series

When: Wednesday, 10 April 2024 - Wednesday, 10 April 2024
Where: Online Event
Start time:12:00



Cost: No Cost

Introducing the CHSE Weekly Wednesday Webinar series: an interactive space where we explore how to incorporate new ideas into your teaching.

We will discuss ideas for practice through the lens of literacies. The concept of literacy in higher education has undergone substantial evolution, influenced by significant societal, technological, and educational changes. It now includes a broad spectrum of skills beyond mere reading and writing which are essential for academic success, lifelong learning, and active participation in a rapidly changing world.

The weekly online discussions will be guided by a monthly theme, where we will delve into a specific type of literacy.

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The Annual BJVR Memorial Lecture

When: Tuesday, 16 April 2024 - Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Where: Parktown Health Sciences Campus
Marie Curie Lecture Theatre
Start time:16:30

Cost: free

Wits Faculty of Health Sciences - School of Clinical Medicine: Department of Psychiatry presents the Annual BJVR Memorial Lecture

Topic: Health care workers, Spiritual and Physical healers of the Nation
Speaker: Imtiaz Sooliman - Founder of the Gift of the Givers

Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman commenced private practice in Pietermaritzburg in 1986 but chose to close his flourishing practice in mid-1994, choosing instead to focus his attention on Gift of the Givers Foundation, which he founded in early August 1992. His establishment of Gift of the Givers Foundation was the consequence of a message he received from his spiritual leader in Istanbul, Turkey, who called on him to serve all people of all races, of all religions, of all colours, of all classes, of all political affiliations and of any geographical location... a calling he honoured then and continues to honour today.

His endeavor in this regard has seen Gift of the Givers Foundation emerge as one of the most respected humanitarian organisations in the world and is today the largest disaster response agency of African origin anywhere on the continent.
Since 1992, Dr. Sooliman has steered the organisation to many Notable Achievements and World Firsts, including: Coming to the assistance of millions of poole in no fewer than 46 countries across the globe. inclusive of South Africa: Designed and developed, in 1993, the world's first and only containerised mobile hospital of its kind, which has been compared by CNN to any of the best hospitals in Europe; Designing the world's first containerised primary health-care unit in 1994; Heading the first organisation in the history of South Africa to have received R60 million in 2003 from Government for the design and successful roll-out of 204 000 food parcels in KZN and E.C during hunger crisis; assisting 210 hospitals during Covid-19, including the delivery of 3500 oxygen
machines. He has received 10 Honorary Doctorates.

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When: Friday, 12 April 2024 - Friday, 12 April 2024
Where: Online Event
Start time:9:00
+27 11 274 9327/ 9263/9368


Cost: Cost: WHC & WITS Staff, Students and Faculty - Free Private Rate: R 250,00 + VAT


In today's dynamic media landscape, the relationship between health professionals, scientists, and the media plays a pivotal role in shaping public perceptions, especially in the context of the challenges witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This talk aims to highlight the importance of active engagement between health professionals and the media as a strategic avenue to bridge the gap between scientific expertise and societal understanding.


  • Highlighting the influential power of the media: Explore the far-reaching consequences of media narratives on public understanding of health-related issues, drawing lessons from the experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Addressing misinformation and building trust: Equip health professionals with effective communication strategies to counteract misinformation, fostering a sense of trust and credibility between the scientific community and the public.
  • Navigating the media landscape: Provide practical insights and tools for health professionals to engage with the media, emphasising the importance of clear and accessible communication without compromising scientific accuracy.
  • Advocating for evidence-based reporting: Encourage health professionals to actively shape media narratives by promoting evidence-based reporting, thus contributing to a more informed and nuanced public discourse.
  • Empowering health professionals as health advocates: Inspire them to become proactive advocates in the media, sharing their expertise to educate and empower the public while advocating for policies that support science-based decision-making.



Crystal Orderson is an acclaimed South African journalist who has spent the past two decades reporting socio- economic issues in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa and, most recently, the most significant national election since the fall of apartheid 30 years ago. She was the first West Africa bureau chief for the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC News, based in Senegal, and has managed a myriad of different newsrooms in the country.

She is currently reporting for several local and international media outlets, including ARD Germany, Al Jazeera, BBC Radio, LBC Radio in London, and PBS Washington. Crystal is also a regular analyst on local media on African politics and has also been involved with several non-governmental organisations, such as the Bulungula Incubator Project, the Cape Town University of Technology, and Project Ignite, a school project working with disadvantaged schools in her home city of Cape Town. She is a regular media trainer for several NGO's and companies.

Crystal is also part of the African Leadership Initiative and a current Pritzker Fellow at the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago, which is allowing her to engage in South African and African issues. Crystal holds degrees from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, the University of Cape Town and Sussex University.

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Health & Research Management Essentials Programme

When: Monday, 04 March 2024 - Friday, 08 March 2024
Where: Off campus
Holiday Inn, Johannesburg Sunnyside Park Princess of Wales Terrace Cnr Carse O'Gowrie Sunnyside Drive
Start time:8:00


Register here:

Cost: 500.00

The programme targets newly qualified unemployed doctors or young medical professionals aspiring to pursue research careers.


In light of the concerning rise in unemployment among qualified doctors, the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of the Witwatersrand, in collaboration with Wits Health Consortium, is offering a week-long programme in essential health and research management.

This initiative aims to provide unemployed doctors with an introduction to the field of health research. Health research provides doctors with alternative career paths to contribute to local and international health improvement efforts.

Health research offers insights and solutions that advance medical knowledge, improve patient care, and enhance public health outcomes globally.

Brochure: Health & Research Programme

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Research Day & Postgraduate Expo 2024

When: Thursday, 05 September 2024 - Thursday, 05 September 2024
Where: Parktown Health Sciences Campus
Start time:8:00


Cost: N/A

Improving Healthcare through Research and Innovation

Call for Abstracts

Deadline for submission of the abstracts is Monday the 31st May 2024

Research Day Presentations

Abstracts are sought from researchers involved in health sciences research and related disciplines, for presentations that address the 2024 Research Day themes. Prospective presenters may indicate preference of the format of their presentation (i.e. Oral or Poster presentation). However, the final decision regarding acceptance of abstracts and the presentation format lies with the Research Day Committee.

Poster Session Presentations – Presenters will display their work graphically. Posters will be on display all day, but presenters must be available to discuss their work and answer questions during specified times. Detailed guidelines will be provided after the poster is accepted.

The themes for Research Day 2024 will be:

Clinical Sciences and Therapeutics for Health 

Communicable Diseases 

Innovation in Education, Policy and Systems

Molecular and Comparative Biosciences 

Non-Communicable Diseases

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CHSE Focus Day

When: Thursday, 04 July 2024 - Thursday, 04 July 2024
Where: Parktown Education Campus
Resource Centre, School of Public Health
Start time:9:00


Cost: N/A

Escape Tedious Teaching! Reimagine Experiential Learning in the Health Sciences!

What is an escape room?

Is gamification the same as game-based learning?

Why should student learning experiences promote activity?

Does it really make a difference?

If you ask yourself any of these questions, join the conversation with CHSE on the Faculty Teaching and Learning Focus Day where we focus on teaching that makes student learning visible.

Date: 4 July 2024

Time: 09h00 to 16h00

Venue: Resource Centre, School of Public Health


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