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Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Electrical) - Information Engineering Option

  • This is a 4-year program, the final year considered as honours level. 
  • It contains a broad mix of courses that cover diverse aspects such as electric circuits, software, microprocessors, telecommunications, electronics, etc.
  • Its referred to as the IE stream.


Year 4

Information Engineering Laboratory Project

Information Engineering Design 

Choice of 3 courses from a list of elective courses on offer


Measurement Systems

Systems Management

Engineer in Society

Year 3

Probabilistic System Analysis

Automation and Control

Data Communication Networks I

Software Development II

Electrical Engineering Design I


Computational Mathematics

Electronics II

Information Engineering Techniques

Signals and Systems II

Year 2

Maths II

Electronics I

Electric & Magnetic Systems

Signals and Systems I

Microprocessor Engineering

Physics II

Data Structures and Algorithms

Software Development I

Year 1
Maths I
Physics I

Electric Circuits

Engineering Skills and Design


* Shaded courses are offered for Electrical Engineering (Information Engineering Option).