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About the School

Mission and Vision

Our mission is:

  • Transformation through unrivalled trans-disciplinary approach to problem solving 
  • Excellence through integration 
  • Growth and development through new academic and research programmes and services to society 
  • The creation of a new gneration of scientists and engineers to meet the needs of modern society
  • Fostering institutional co-operation 
  • Conducting co-operative research that will contribute to advancements in technology 

Goals and Objectives

Our goals are:

  • to establish the capacity to provide critical mass of talents, team environment and major facilities and instrumentation, 
  • to create a new culture of cross-disciplinary, system-oriented, environmentally, socially and industrially relevant research and education, 
  • to enhance competitiveness through a new generation of technologies, approaches, and more holistic scientific, social and engineering graduates and solutions and academic innovation through strategic planning and system integration.