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PhDs and research areas

We offer full and part-time options for PhD studies. Students are attached to supervisors with expertise in specific areas. Some research areas are:

  • Mathematical Knowledge for teaching (Prof Jill Adler and Surgeon Xolo)
  • Teaching and learning algebra and functions (Wits Maths Connect Secondary Project, Prof Jill Adler)
  • Technology, textbooks and tasks for the teaching and learning of mathematics (Prof Margot Berger)
  • Epistemological obstacles in the teaching and learning of mathematics (Dr Judah Makonye)
  • Metacognition in mathematics teaching and learning (Dr Pete van Jaarsveld)
  • 'Primary mathematics teaching and learning and SA Numeracy Chair project (Prof Hamsa Venkat)'.
  • Mathematics teaching and learning, and related beliefs and  policy (Dr Surgeon Xolo)
  • Mathematics teacher development through professional learning communities and error analysis (Prof Karin Brodie)
  • Classroom practices that support mathematical thinking and reasoning (Prof Karin Brodie)

Competitive full time doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships are available for suitably qualified and experienced researchers in the field of mathematics education. More information on the entry requirements for our postgraduate courses is available from the Marang web page.