Educational Information & Engineering Technology
Educational Information & Engineering Technology
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Educational Technology in Education is burgeoning. Its development is particularly relevant to the African context; as the continent seeks to overcome the ‘digital divide’. To this end, South African educators are striving to integrate digital technologies into the country’s schools and universities. The Educational Information and Technology Division (EDIT) is at the forefront of this endeavour. The Division contributes courses to the syllabus of both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The Division contributes courses to the syllabus of both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Short courses are also offered: 

  • Strategic Implementation of ICT Integration in Education – Teaching with Technology
  • Instructional Design and Technology
  • Enhancing Pedagogical Practices in Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Financial Literacy  and Business Fundamentals for Educators
  • ICT in Education for Practitioners and Policy Implementers

Please contact the Division for more information on these courses


Areas of Research 

  • ICT and Pedagogical Practices
  • Engineering Technology and Pedagogical Practices
  • Instructional Design & Technology
  • ICT Professional Development
  • Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Pedagogical Practices
  • Gamification and Simulation
  • Evaluation and Assessment Using Technology
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Technological Knowledge Development
  • ICT Leadership & Management


Programme Overview


EDIT prepares educational professionals to lead the adoption of educational and information technologies.  


To understand the role of educational and information technology in teaching and learning;  by connecting learning and development theories and practices.


EDIT exposes students to a wide range of emerging technologies. The division is concerned with the development of ICT and research skills of students seeking to integrate ICTs in their classrooms and other workplaces. As a conceptual home for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research, it straddles eLearning. eLearning is teaching, learning and assessment using ICTs). It includes the philosophical, sociological and psychological study of digital technologies in education.

The division is positioned to become a leader in South Africa in Educational and Information Technology as it supports and provides student teachers and working educational professionals with the ability to better organize, manage and integrate technology in their classrooms. The principles that drive the activities of the division are based on the ICT in education.

The career prospects of Educational Technology students are diverse.  Nevertheless, the Division’s focus is on developing teachers to teach and model IT within any educational context including:

  • Primary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Tertiary institutions


Undergraduate students

  • IT knowledge and skills and the ability to integrate technology into their teaching.
  • Ability to design interactive and effective learning.

Postgraduate students

  • IT knowledge
  • Ability to conduct research
  • Competence in using technology to support practicing teachers, life-long learning activities and solve instructional, assessment and student performance problems.

Potential Careers for Graduates

  • Teacher
  • Technology policy specialist
  • Technology integration coordinator
  • Instructional designer
  • Multimedia creative designer
  • Distance learning specialist
  • Content manager
  • Digital portfolio manager
  • Researcher


The division offers professional consultation, and technical assistance to the Wits School of Education and the University-at-Large on educational technologies and their applications.

Contact Us
For inquiries about the work of the Division contact:

Dr Ian Moll