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Message from the Head of School:

Professor Karin Brodie


Karin Brodie - Message from Head of School

“Those who can, teach. Those who can’t, go into a less significant line of work”

- Todd Whitaker


The Wits School of Education is committed to producing the best possible teachers for South Africa. Education is the most important lever for creating the personal, economic and social development that South Africa needs. Our young people deserve an education that supports them to achieve their best, for themselves, their communites and the country. Research has shown that the most important factor in learners’ achievements are their teachers. We produce graduates who have the requisite knowledge, skills and values to contribute to the development of South Africa’s youth. We teach prospective teachers to think critically, to question, to be passionate about their subjects and their learners, and to impart a love of learning and knowledge to others.

In order to teach teachers effectively, teacher-educators need to actively engage in research in order to understand the educational issues of our time and to promote best practice for our students and schools. Our teaching is research-led, which means that we base our teaching on the most current up-to-date research, much of which is done by our own staff. We have some of the best researchers in the country, doing research into mathematics and science education, language education, literacy and early reading, Deaf education, technology in education, leadership and policy studies, university education, environmental education and education and work. We have a strong and dynamic cohort of postgraduate students, who will become the educational leaders of the future.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher or in furthering your studies at postgraduate level, you have come to the right place. Our website can assist you in identifying the programme best suited to you and which members of staff to contact. Then come in and see us – we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your plans with you.

Karin Brodie
Head of the Wits School of Education

Prof Karin Brodie has been on the academic staff at Wits since 1995 when she joined the School of Education as a lecturer. She has held various positions of academic leadership over the past 20 years, including co-ordination of the PGCE, Honours, Masters and PhD programmes; Assistant Head of School for Postgraduate Studies; and Deputy Head of School. In 2014 she was promoted to Full Professor and in April 2016 she was appointed Head of the Wits School of Education. Read more...