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To work in the built environment requires that you have a keen environmental and social awareness, mathematical, analytical and organisational ability. Career opportunities are limitless and extend beyond the formal engineering sector.


All branches of engineering include the study of:

  • Instruction in basic and engineering sciences
  • Management
  • Research and development
  • Planning and design
  • Manufacture and construction
  • Operation and maintenance

The profession offers a wide scope of activities to suit many different interests, abilities and aptitudes. The top rung of the engineering ladder is often an engineering management position. However, the engineer who wants to carry on with engineering technical work can practise as a consultant or contractor or go into research and development.

Architects are the designers of buildings and their environment. Quantity Surveyors are the financial specialists of the building industry. Town and Regional planners develop orderly environments for the benefit of society, and Construction Managers are expert in effective and efficient construction and property development. Property managers optimize the value and utilization of property in the built environment.



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