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Postgraduate Seminars

The PSUG research programme hosts a postgraduate seminar series throughout the year.

The PSUG postgraduate seminars comprise a core group of full- and part-time postgraduate students (Honours, Masters and PhD) whose research fits within the PSUG programme. The aim of the seminars is to facilitate discussions on a range of relevant topics, including key authors and methodological issues, as well as a space to develop student proposals and research. The core group meets twice a month for a two hour seminar, alternating between reading group and research proposal development seminars.

See PSUG Seminar Calendar 2015PSUG Calendar 2016 and PSUG Calendar 2017 and PSUG Calendar 2018 for a list of the seminars that took place from 2015 to 2018. 

In 2018 PSUG students are also invited to a reading group on the topic of "Reading power and patronage in an approach to local government in South Africa", which is jointly hosted by Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI), CUBES and the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WISER).

Ad hoc seminars and writing retreats are also conducted. In January 2016 a number of PSUG postgraduate students took part in a three-day writing retreat just outside Johannesburg. The aim of the workshop was to provide a space where students could workshop their papers to be presented at the 2016 Southern African City Studies Conference in Durban. In August 2017 another writing retreat was held to give students time and space to develop papers for the PSUG thematic colloquim. On 10 November 2017 a PSUG colloquium was held in which PhD students and others presented their draft papers along the three programme themes, and a dicussion on cross-cutting issues was held. Download the colloquium programme here.

PSUG students on writing retreat

PSUG postgraduate students at the writing retreat (January 2016).