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Bringing People Together

At the heart of sustainability is the need to integrate different disciplines to solve complex problems and balance trade-offs. There are many contested areas here. People need to hear one another’s viewpoints so we can reach holistic solutions and strategies towards responsible mining. Through our seminars, dialogues and events, we aim to stimulate conversations, new ideas and bring together academia and practitioners to achieve this important goal

Situated in one of Africa’s leading universities, the centre is well positioned to bring together thought leaders and opinion makers in conversation and dialogue, particularly around contested terrains. We provide an independent, authoritative space for dialogue, seminars and events on how to manage mining more responsibly. Experts and practitioners from diverse disciplines and practices engage around how mining can maximise its contribution to economic development, while reducing poverty and inequality and being a responsible steward of the environment.

The centre’s seminars, dialogues and events build networks – the impact of which can never be underestimated. Through the dialogue different perspectives are presented, and we start to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others. This multidisciplinary space offers the opportunity for new ideas and solutions to evolve. It helps focus our research work and identify where the gaps are. Our dialogues contribute towards solutions for responsible mining.