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What we do

We bring together and share the body of research knowledge on mining in Africa. We take international good practice guidance and interpret its relevance for Africa. Our intention is to build capacity to:

  • achieve zero harm
  • realise net positive environmental impact
  • improve social performance
Our work programme is structured around:
  • socioeconomic development
  • health and safety
  • environment

Our theory of change

Focus areas

Socioeconomic development
The mining industry’s contribution to the socioeconomic development of a region and the national economy is often contested. The industry’s social licence to operate is under threat. The centre does research to highlight what is working and what is not. For example, we examine how the legacy of the migrant labour system in South Africa continues to profoundly shape labour issues in the gold and platinum sector. Our community relations practice courses, run in partnership with Synergy Global, aim to equip participants to achieve positive and constructive community-company relationships.

Mine health and safety
CSMI researches gaps and challenges that arise when health and safety policy and laws are implemented. We provide insight and step by step guidance on how the mining industry can get to zero harm. Our safety, health and environment risk management courses run mainly for Anglo American’s professional practitioners are a core element of our training.

Environmental policy, governance and management
The cumulative impacts of mining over decades fundamentally change the bio-physical environment for generations to come. The centre’s work contributes to building resilient social-ecological systems in mining regions. We analyse the implications for policy, governance and management. The centre’s recent work focuses on how to close a mine responsibly and leave a positive legacy.

Core work streams

We harness and share research knowledge on mining in Africa. Taking international good practice guidance, we interpret its relevance for Africa. We collaborate with institutions, organisations, companies and independent experts to achieve our goals. We use a multidisciplinary approach in our three core work streams. These work streams are:

  • research and analysis
  • education and training programmes for practitioners and leaders
  • providing an independent, authoritative space to convene dialogues, seminars and events on how to manage mining development more responsibly.