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Our approach

Times are ever more challenging for the mining sector:

  • social licence to operate is under threat
  • regulations are under review
  • prices are low and productivity declining
  • there’s an increasing scrutiny of impacts and benefits
  • mine workers and local communities have changing expectations.

The mining sector clearly has many contested issues and much work to be done. The CSMI recognises that most challenges are cross cutting; they require an analytical approach which harnesses different perspectives. We take cognisance of the emerging thinking on socio-ecological systems, resilience and adaptive management.

In South Africa, we need to pay particular attention to the transformation of our society which remains impacted by the legacy of apartheid and inequality. Taking this into account, the centre’s approach in its work is:

Cross disciplinary
At the heart of sustainability is the need for integration of different disciplines to solve complex problems and balance trade-offs.

Demystify knowledge
It is not always easy to present complex information in an easily understood formant. We aim to make difficult subjects clearer and easier to understand.

Solutions focused
We think about the future while learning from the past.

Values based
We promote responsible leadership and practice.

Systems thinking
Our analysis examines linkages and interactions between different components of a complex system. 

We collaborate with like minded partners to help deliver on our goal of more responsible mining.

The centre operates with clear governance and reporting.

Capacity building
We seek to strengthen sustainability skills across all stakeholders.