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Research Groups

Robotics, Autonomous Intelligence and Learning (RAIL)

Research Overview: 

The RAIL Lab at the University of the Witwatersrand is a research group focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics. The group's major focus is Reinforcement Learning (RL), both in terms of contributing the general development of the field as well as its applicability to a number of problem areas. Other research areas include computer vision and theory of deep networks. Some of the application areas are healthcare and education.

Faculty Members: 

  1. Dr Benjamin Rosman
  2. Dr Pravesh Ranchod
  3. Dr Richard Klein
  4. Steven James


Scilinx Research

Scilinx Research is a business solutions design & research laboratory that is based in the School of Computer Science & Applied Mathematics at the University of the Witwatersrand. Our vision is to advance operational capabilities of organizations in different sectors of the economy by functioning as a research process consolidation entity.

Our philosophy is rooted in embedding cutting-edge research insights in: strategy operationalization, operational processes design, and technology design. The research we conduct draws upon diverse bodies of knowledge: machine learning, network science, applied mathematics, human behavioural sciences, and organizational theory.

In structured environments, such as factory production lines, optimal process engineering is feasible, and it can provide a competitive advantage. In unstructured environments, such as enterprise risk management or product development, a different conceptual foundation to achieving sustainable competitive advantage is required.

Our approach is rooted in the application of a new form of operational research, for which the conceptual foundation is complexity science.