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The Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences (CoE-Palaeo) is a global hub for the study of the origins of species, using cutting-edge research techniques to understand South Africa’s unique fossil and archaeological record.

The Centre adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to research, incorporating the disciplines of palaeontology, palaeoanthropology, palaeobotany, molecular biology, genetics, geosciences, archaeology, geography, biology, ecology and climatology to interpret our unique South African Fossil Heritage.

Built on the foundation of South African palaeosciences research and the exceptional palaeontological and archaeological record, the CoE-Palaeo is actively transforming from expertise to excellence.

The CoE-Palaeo is committed to the development and strengthening of Palaeosciences in South Africa while meeting the objectives outlined in the DST-NRF Centres of Excellence and the DST South African Strategy for the Palaeosciences.

Cynosaurus suppostus

Cynosaurus suppostus

Marc Van Den Brandt and Dr Fernando Abdala- recent publication on the cranial morphology and phylogeny of Cynosaurus suppostus, the second most abundant basal cynodont from the late Permian of the Karoo Basin of South Africa

Barbs in hunting technology


Research collaboration between the University of Liège (TraceoLab) and the University of the Witwatersrand, led by Dr Paloma de la Peña, a researcher at the Evolutionary Studies Institute at Wits University in South Africa, has revealed one of the strongest and oldest bodies of evidence for the use of barbs as projectiles in prehistory.