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State of South African Fathers 2018

CoE-HUMAN supported the production of the State of South African Fathers report through grants to the co-editors. It was launched on Thursday 12 July 2018.

Download State of South African Fathers 2018.

The report was produced by Sonke Gender Justice and the HSRC. It is one of the outcomes of several years of work both organisations have done on increasing support for men’s contribution to gender -equal and non-violent parenting.

The report is affiliated with the MenCare Global Fatherhood campaign and complements the State of the World’s Fathers reports produced by MenCare.

The report highlights the importance of father involvement irrespective of marital or residence status. Moving away from the deficit model of absent fatherhood, the report focuses on the involvement of non-resident biological and social fathers in parenting and caregiving.

This inaugural edition provides explanations on the benefits to children, mothers and fathers of men’s involvement in the first thousand days of a child’s life, and recommends key intervention points for policymakers to improve fathers’ involvement in childcare