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Research grants, post-graduate bursaries and post-doctoral funding offered by CoE-HUMAN

Just before or around the start of each academic year, the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Human Development considers grant proposals and post-graduate or post-doctoral funding applications that fall under the thematic areas of the Centre.

Research Grants

  • Opportunity Grants (up to R150 000 for 18 months) for activities that promote networking, inter-disciplinary meetings, joint writing, journal publication, etc. These activities may include inter-disciplinary or inter-institutional sessions at conferences, seminars with funders and other stakeholders, dissemination activities, and special journal issues.
  • Accelerator Grants (up to R300 000 for two years) for research activities that advance the goals of the Centre (research productivity, education and training of post-graduate students, dissemination, networking and service). These grants fund activities to initiate networks and research in the thematic areas and other activities that will advance enquiry in the theme and lead to further research grants and opportunities in the forthcoming years. These activities may include meetings with funders and policy stakeholders, dissemination activities, joint publications, reviews on cross-disciplinary topics, etc.

A new call for grant proposals will be made early in 2019.

Postgraduate bursaries and funding for post-doctoral fellowships

  • Master's students are funded for two years at R70 000 a year
  • Doctoral students are funded for three years at R100 000 a year
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows are funded for three years at R200 000 a year

A call for applications for 2019 funding was made in mid-October 2018 and applications closed on 23 November 2018. The next call for applications for post-graduate or post-doctoral funding for 2020 will go out in the last quarter of 2019.

Successful applicants and their supervisors sign performance agreements with the CoE, with the following obligations:

  • That Master's students must fulfil the requirements for their degree within two years and have at least one co-authored paper in a peer-reviewed journal accepted for publication;
  • That Doctoral students must fulfil the requirements for their degrees within three years and have at least two first-authored papers accepted for publication or published;
  • That Post-Doctoral Fellows must have at least two first- or co-authored papers accepted for publication, in press or published in each year of the three-year fellowship.

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