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Learning and Teaching

The Learning and Teaching team collaborates with academics across the university to provide leadership in undergraduate and postgraduate learning and teaching. Academic excellence and meaningful, relevant education rests on bringing the scholarship of learning and teaching into practice.

We do this by consulting with staff, responding to current contextual issues, designing and facilitating a range of workshops and courses, engaging with faculties and collaborating nationally and globally in areas of academic support and academic professional learning. Our approach focusses on transformative learning, student-centredness, innovation and the use of relevant technologies to support blended learning and teaching. Colleagues engaging in our professional learning activities have found great benefit through networks of collegiality and collaboration.


>>> Academic Professional Learning

The Centre for Learning, Teaching and Development (CLTD) supports the professional learning journeys of Wits academic staff by working collaboratively with academics at all career stages.

We provide research-informed institutional leadership in academic professional learning through programmes and activities that aim to enhance the quality of learning and teaching at Wits. We offer programmes on, for example:

  • development of student-centred, career-focused academic programmes
  • the appropriate use of educational technologies to promote student learning
  • effective facilitation skills
  • research methodology and supervision

Together with our academic partners, we promote the importance of meaningful learning and effective teaching across the University.

>>> Technology for Learning & Teaching

CLTD supports academic staff in their use of ulwazi for learning and teaching as part of the university's blended learning approach. Ulwazi creates a user-friendly, innovative space for educators to create learning experiences for students. By harnessing the affordances of ulwazi, academics and students have the opportunity to learn together at a time and place which suits them, and extends the learning experience beyond the walls of a lecture hall.

In addition to ulwazi, we also help academics explore new technologies which could improve the learning experiences of their students. Both in physical and virtual classrooms, learning technologies can play a big role in improving learning outcomes. Together with academics, we explore different technologies, such as lecture recordings and ‘freebie’ online apps that can help create engaging, interactive learning experiences for our students.

>>> Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

CLTD has already developed a number of MOOCs, which are hosted on WitsX.

This year, CLTD is continuing our work with a selected group of academics at Wits to facilitate a number of MOOCs. While these MOOCs are hosted on WitsX, more and more academics are using these MOOCs as part of their on-campus courses. Your students can find great benefit from the many courses that are available to them at no cost.