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Evaluation Services

In higher education the evaluation of teaching and courses is seen as a tool that aids lecturers to engage in reflective practice. Evaluation creates an opportunity to support improvements on the quality of the teaching processes in a way that also responds to the needs of all students.

In line with the institutional policy on evaluation of teaching and courses, all staff engaged in teaching responsibilities are encouraged to conduct evaluation of their teaching and courses to establish effectiveness of practice as well as identify specific areas that need improvement.

Evaluations can be formative – during teaching process - to get feedback that would inform improvement of practice and professional development activities or it can be summative – at the end of teaching process -  to establish effectiveness of teaching and courses.

It is important to keep in mind that Wits encourages staff to evaluate their work from different perspectives to ensure that data/results are triangulated in order to have a complete picture of an individual's teaching effectiveness. These perspectives are self-reflection, peer review and student evaluations. Lecturers who want to evaluate their teaching and courses have a responsibility to select appropriate methods and questions from the options provided based on the focus of the evaluation.

Should you need assistance with conducting evaluation, interpreting the results of your evaluation or have questions on how to improve aspects of your teaching please contact our Evalutions services.

Contact person: Nthabiseng Mokoena, E