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Curriculum and Teaching

Locating ourselves within the field of Academic development and the discipline of Higher Education, the Curriculum and Teaching Team recognises that the relationship between teaching and learning is a complex one and occurs through critical, reflexive experiences and practices. Our mission is to embrace this complexity by creating learning ecosystems that take into account environments plagued by social ills, expanding divides, and the long lasting effects of COVID-19. 

In partnership with the faculties and other CLTD teams (Instructional design team and the Learning Interaction design team), we search for ways to engage authentically and equitably, by consciously seeking alternatives that centre student access with success (academic, emotional, social). Being academics and scholars ourselves, the team offers professional learning opportunities to staff (academic, professional as well as teaching assistants and tutors). Working towards enhancing academics as university teachers, we promote curricula renewal, course (re)design and development, the enhancement of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL), research and civic engagement. 

Our repurposed offerings (in hyflex mode– either online OR contact OR both depending on the need) provide flexibility not only in mode, but also in the provision of differentiated learning pathways that recognise, accommodate and enact shifting, professional/scholarly  identities.