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National Trauma Management Course-

The Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course of the American College of Surgeons has had a dramatic effect in improving outcome of patients by standardizing their resuscitation and assessment, and providing one safe simple way for the initial care of such patients.

The International Association for the Surgery of Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care (IATSIC) is a founding component of the Societ?nternational de Chirurgie (International Surgical Society). Under the patronage and supervision of IATSIC the National Trauma Management Course (NTMC?) has been developed for physicians in resource challenged countries who wish to apply advanced initial trauma management techniques, but lack the infrastructure or the training to do so.

Many situations require specialist trauma surgical expertise, yet because of local conditions this is simply not available. Its intention is not to duplicate ATLS but rather to teach those techniques particularly applicable to the patient who requires surgery and intensive care for major trauma, in a setting where such care is not commonly practiced or even necessarily available.

At the same time, Trauma Care is changing all the time, and this course also serves as an update of knowledge and information in the field of Trauma Care, and Disaster Management.

We have been able to assemble a group of experts whose expertise lies not only in the treatment of injury, but also an understanding of the needs of those who have to deal with the problems.

The course is only available in areas which are resource challenged, and is currently taught in association with The Academy of Traumatology of India.

Other countries wishing to embark on an NTMC programme should contact our office.