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Adjunct Professor Dugan Fraser Appointed New Head of CLEAR

Wits University is delighted to announce the appointment of Adjunct Professor Dugan Fraser as Director of the Center for Learning, Evaluation and Results (CLEAR –AA) as of 1 April 2019. The Centre was established at Wits University in order to promote evidence-based policy making through improved usage of monitoring and evaluation systems. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) work is important for both good governance and for the goal of promoting an inclusive economy. To these ends, the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management is committed to further developing CLEAR -AA as a centre that provides both high-level training and cutting- edge research.

In line with the University’s strategy of building research excellence and its commitment to addressing the challenge of inequality, the Board agreed to realign the focus of CLEAR and build a stronger research and academic programme. Professor Dugan Fraser has been appointed to manage this new strategic direction.

Dugan Fraser is a monitoring and evaluation specialist with extensive experience in supporting public and civil society organisations and institutions to make better decisions by collecting and using evidence. He has worked as an independent adviser to a diverse range of initiatives. He was previously the Programme Director at the RAITH Foundation, a grantmaking trust, where he was responsible for programme strategy design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, the provision of technical advice to grantees and the Foundation's responsible investment strategy. Before that he was an independent public and development management consultant specialising in monitoring and evaluation for learning, accountability and performance improvement. His particular interest is in the design and implementation of large- scale systems, such as the African Union's African Peer Review System, the South African Presidency's Government Wide M&E System and the Public Service Commission's Public Service M&E System. He has worked for a range of donors, such as the Ford Foundation, and recently with BetterEvaluation. He sits on the Boards of Directors for the Social Justice Initiative, responsible investment NGO, Just Share, and was previously the Chairperson of the Board of the SA M&E Association.

Dr Laila Smith, the outgoing Director, will continue to work at CLEAR and will focus both on academic development and outreach work. Ms Candice Morkel has been appointed Deputy Director.

We welcome Professor Fraser to Wits. We would like to thank Dr Smith for all the work she did as the Director over the past three years, and the Board, our donors and our partners for their continuous support as we build this important Centre. CLEAR was set up as part of the University’s commitment to working in the broader society, and we look forward to the next level of our development that builds on our research and academic work so that we can create a global centre of excellence.