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The Centre’s research streams are:

  • Faculty Development
  • Interprofessional Education
  • eLearning

Recent publications by the Centre’s staff are:

Green-Thompson, L. P., McInerney, P., Manning, D.M., Mapukata-Sondzaba, N., Chipamaunga, S. & Maswanganyi, T. 2012. Reflections of students graduating from a transforming medical curriculum in South Africa: a qualitative study.  BMC Medical Education, 12, 49. 

McInerney, P., Green-Thompson, LP., Manning, D M.  2013. Experiences of graduating students from a medical programme five years after curricular transformation: A descriptive study. Africa Journal for Health Professionals Education 5(1): 34 – 36. Doi:10.7196/AJHPE210

Couper, I., Sen Gupta, T., McInerney, P., Larkins, S. & Evans, R. 2013. Transforming and scaling up health professional education and training. World Health Organization.  Available at:

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Myezwa, H; Morake D; McInerney, PA; Potterton;  J & Watts B (2017)  ‘He has a life, a soul, a meaning that extends far deeper than his medical assessment … .’: The role of reflective diaries in enhancing reflective practice during a rural community physiotherapy placement. AJHPE 9(2); 54-46.

Green-Thompson, LP; McInerney PA & Woollard R. (2017) The social accountability of doctors: a relationship based framework for understanding emergent community concepts of caring. BMC Health Services Research  17:269

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