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Sustainable Energy and Environment Research Unit (SEERU)


Vision and Mission 

The aim of the research group is to develop expertise through research and teaching of tools for processes that are important for clean/or renewable energy production and sustainable environment. Furthermore, the research unit considers the fundamental research, and the most applied, market-oriented technological innovations within the chemical, energy and environmental sectors. It is envisaged that this approach enables both the generation of basic knowledge and provides commercialization via small scale innovative and environmentally sustainable technology solutions for the benefits of South African businesses and communities.

The vision of the group is:

  • Train both undergraduate and postgraduate students through research, teaching and outreach activities
  • Conduct high quality fundamental and applied research activities 
  • Develop relationships with key stakeholders in the energy, environment, and chemical sectors such as governments, municipalities, communities, non-governmental organization (NGO’s) and industries in order to develop a  strategy for application of basic research in the areas of catalysis, reactor engineering, waste and wastewater treatment, clean and potable drinking water production,  and separation technology.
  • Strengthen other research groups within the school, the faculty and on-shore institutions through research collaborations and joint teaching
  • Strengthen and contribute meaningfully to the scientific growth and technological development of the School, the Faculty, the University and the Republic of South Africa (RSA)
  • Strengthen the actualization of University’s mission of becoming a word class University by 2022 through the establishment of research collaboration with renowned off-shore institutions.

Research Focus

The group has established itself in the following research areas:

  • Clean and /or renewable Energy Production (biofuels, hydrogen for fuel cell)
  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering (Catalyst design, synthesis, characterization and testing, reactor design and optimization, Fischer Tropsch synthesis)
  • Sustainable Environmental Technology (wastewater treatment, biodesulphurization & CCSU)
  • Waste to Energy and Waste-to-Resources (waste beneficiation & Bio-based economy)
  • Novel Separation Technologies (membrane-based and hybrid/reactive separation processes)

Research and Academic staff

  • Dr Jean Mulopo
  • Dr Michael Daramola
  • Dr Bavon Nkazi


  • CSIR (Energy and Process Unit)
  • NWU
  • School of Chemistry (Wits)