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Research Chairs

There are six research chairs in or associated with the School.

The Chamber of Mines Chair in Extractive Metallurgical Engineering 

  • Professor Hurman Eriç, who is also the Finland Distinguished Professor in the Sustainable Production of Ferroalloys

The Element 6 Chair in Ceramic Science 

  • Professor Jack Sigalas

The SAIW Chair in Welding and Fabrication Engineering

  • Professor Tony Paterson

Research embraces two fields, (1) the fabrication of welded process plants that conform to health legislation and (2) the characterisation of cast-wrought interfaces in welded fabrications of structural steels. This characterisation permits modelling by finite element analysis (FEA).

Three DHET-sponsored research chairs in Post-School Education and Training (PSET): DHET-DST/NRF SARChI Chairs in PSET, for short:

Clean Coal Technology (CCT)

  • Professor Rosemary Falcon

The expertise in CCT consists in the processing (beneficiation and utilisation, such as fluid-bed combustion and underground gasification), characterisation and application of coal. Research is directed at (1) increasing coal-conversion efficiencies, (2) decreasing the impact of coal on the environment, (3) finding ways to capture and store ‘carbon’ in southern Africa (with Professor Michael Daramola as lead investigator) and (4) the development and application of carbon nanotubes (with Professor Sunny Iyuke as lead investigator).

Hydrometallurgy and Sustainable Development

  • Professor Selo Ndlovu

Research interests include (1) the treatment of liquid effluents, (2) the recovery of valuable metals from discard streams and materials, (3) recoveries of base metals and gold from ores by conventional means, (4) the application of dimensionally stable anodes in base metal electrowinning, (5) electrowinning and electrorefining, (6) corrosion and (7) bioleaching and bioremediation.

Sustainable Process Engineering 

  • Professor Thoko Majozi