Counselling and Careers Development Unit

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Psychology Internships at CCDU

We offer annual internships for students doing their masters degrees in community/counselling psychology.

The Counselling & Careers Development Unit (CCDU) is an accredited HPCSA internship site for Counselling Psychology interns.

The internship involves:

  • Individual and group counselling/psychotherapy with the Wits student population.
  • Community work in residences and on campus to the student population.
  • Workshops and psycho-educational talks to students
  • Career assessments and assessment feedback to prospective and Wits students.
  • Career counselling for Wits and prospective students.
  • Working with children in individual therapy and assessments.
  • Consultation with parents.

Regular weekly comprehensive and extensive supervision is provided to interns by experienced supervising psychologists. Our programme is committed to the facilitation of optimal professional development and support of intern psychologists.

For further details contact: