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CCDU Lockdown Wellness Chronicles

How to nurture yourself during the COVID-19 country lockdown.

It is extremely important to seek out help if you feel you need it.  

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Day 1 Support your immune system. Eating Healthy is fundamental to boosting and keeping your immune system strong.
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Day 2 Maintain a daily routine. Get up at a consistent time, follow your morning routine and have a daily plan that includes working, fun, exercising and relaxing.
Day 3 Streamline. Being open to all information is confusing and anxiety-provoking. Filter what you hear: Ask yourself - Is it necessary; is it useful; is it helpful to me? Focus on what is necessary.
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Day 4 There is so much happening that is beyond our control right now. It helps to make a list of things that you are in control of, such as studying, doing chores, exercising, doing things that you may have been putting off due to a lack of time. Take control!
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Day 5 HEALTHY BREATHING: Anxiety and stress change our patterns of breathing - our breath might become shallow. Today consider developing good breathing techniques. Find a good breathing exercise online and practice. This should generally calm your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure and create an overall sense of wellbeing. Breathe!
Day 6 KEEPING SIGHT OF THE GOAL: As the first quarter of 2020 closes in – reflect on your goals for this year. Did you set any? Perhaps this time of lockdown has challenged you to think differently and you may want to revisit some of these goals. It’s never too late – perhaps consider a goal that you would still like to achieve in the course of the year.
Day 7 CONNECT. While Social Distancing is important during this period – don’t forget to connect. As you stay at home and may have a lot more time to yourself, consider connecting with yourself- Pray, meditate and/or introspect. You are worth the time! Secondly connect with family and friends on any of the various social media spaces. Be kind to yourself and others!
Day 8 MOVE. Physical movement is important for good health. You might feel stifled and confined, but you’re still in control of your body. Get moving, find a tune on your phone that you enjoy and dance away. Why don’t you find another and dance to that too? Invite someone who is indoors with you. Dancing for about 10 minutes is a good workout and will certainly contribute to overall health. Go a step further - sing along - it may help to start your day on the right foot! Find your rhythm!
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Day 9 YOUR FEELINGS. As you connect with yourself, become aware of the way you are feeling; learn how to describe it in words. You will be surprised at how intricate your feelings can be. You are a deep individual with many layers, so much potential, and unique. Journalling might be a good way to keep track of your thoughts, feelings and experiences during this time. You will see that you can’t always be happy; neither will you always be sad!
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Day 10 BE KIND. No-one ever became poor by giving love, hope or a smile to a stranger. Measuring wealth can be done in so many ways – being that person that makes a difference, can be one of those ways. Let people know that you care, that you’re thinking of them and that they are important to you. As we go through this interesting time in our world – remember how to be human again; how to care and how to love. Use the power of technology to connect and be kind. Be the change you want to see!
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Day 11 HOPE 
is sometimes described as the ability to see the light, despite all the darkness. Today purposefully choose to remain optimistic – it is your choice. You may certainly get challenges as you go through the day, but try to focus on the positive. You may have your health, people whom you love or who may love you. You have the ability to get out of bed to wash and maybe have a warm meal. If you’re journaling list or think of, a few things that YOU are thankful for.
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Day 12 NATURE. If you can, go outside. Smell the air, look up at the sky, feel the sun on your face. Spread your arms wide and get a hug from the natural beauty. If you can’t – lean closer to a window – feel the warmth of the sun. It' free! Connect with yourself. How are you feeling today? If you’re outdoors, touch the grass or a tree or leaf and feel the texture, the shape and the beauty of nature’s uniqueness. Research shows that being in nature helps lower our stress. Be present!
Day 13 CHORES. Today is that day! You’ve been putting off tons of things, cleaning up your cupboard, your workspace or your cosmetic collection. Out with the old – look at those things you may not want or need and pack them away, create more space, and organise your stuff. It will help when the busy times come, it will make things easier to find. Besides a clean space is good for us. Clean up!
Day 14 ORGANISE. What does your workspace look like? You have cleaned up – now organise! Sort out your notes; file them in a way that works best for your studying. Clean out old notes and pack away what you don’t need for this year’s study. Organizational skills are good to have, they need to be developed as a habit. Practice this and apply it to your studies as well. Sharpen your skills today!
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Day 15 MUSIC. How many songs do you have, how many folders of music, how many playlists and then all the untitled tracks. Today consider organising your playlists. Find the songs you like, title them and put them into folders that you can find. Whilst doing that - play a tune that you like, breathe deeply as you enjoy the lyrics or the tune; reflect on the way it makes you feel. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato
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Day 16 PLAY. In such a serious world, it’s almost always about academics, work, responsibilities. Playtime is lower down the priority list. Play is essential for us to be creative, to imagine new possibilities, to learn about pleasure and power and to sometimes express things that we struggle to verbalise. Too often we limit our play to electronic gaming either on our phones or gaming consoles. Today play a board-game, or make up a game. Play Time is fun time!
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Day 17 READ. When last did you read a book other than academic? Pick one up today, or find something different to what you normally read. Google online libraries or books to read online. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss. Go somewhere new today with your imagination.
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Day 18 HANG IN THERE. There are so many countries in the world in lockdown and impacted by this virus. We are all in this together as the human race. Send out a prayer, or a message of hope and courage. “Learn from yesterday; Live for today; Hope for tomorrow” - Albert Einstein. If you put your mind to it – you can do anything!!
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Day 19 REACH OUT. As the days continue, it is normal to feel worried and anxious, or sad and depressed. Acknowledge the feelings. Write them down to make sense of them if you need to. Writing them down helps with understanding them and even letting some of them go. BUT: Reach out for help if needed: Wits Student Crisis Line: 0800 111 331; email:; access the resources and links on CCDU’s webpage. Look for and access the support you need. Asking for help is a strength!
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Day 20 SELF-TALK. What have you been saying to yourself on this journey? What kinds of thoughts do you go to bed with or wake up in the morning with? Become aware of them. Keep the positives – and continue reminding yourself of your own worth, your potential, and your abilities. The negative self-talk – minimize this and limit the amount of time you spend on these! Change your thoughts and you change the World! Norman Vincent Peale
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Day 21 A NEW BEGINNING. Stretch, open your eyes and see the light of a new day, breathe in a slow fresh breath with a positive thought to self and breathe out a long breath of any negative thought that you may have. You have made it to day 21. Reflect on the journey. Making it this far proves that with a plan, some determination, trusting yourself and connecting with people around you – you can do the near impossible! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu