Graduate Recruitment Programme

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2023 Graduate Recruitment Events

2023 Virtual Career Webinars:

These webinars are aimed at preparing students for the job search and world of work. Book your slot to share career tips and advice as well as available career prospects and opportunities with our students who will soon be entering the world of work.

The webinars will focus on:

  • Industry insights
  • Preparing for the reality of the working world
  • Personal branding
  • Employer expectations
  • Career prospects in their respective degrees
  • Available opportunities and application procedure

The following Career Webinars have been scheduled for 2023:

  • Internship – 30 March
  • STEM – 25 April
  • Accounting – 16 May
  • General – 1 August

Cost for participation is – R3 600.00.  Please note space is reserved.

2023 Career Fairs

  • The career fairs offer companies an opportunity to market their organisations to students.
  • Staff and student assistants will only be available from 07h30 in the morning of the event for assistance.
  • Companies are advised NOT to bring hand-outs that can be used to make loud noises that might directly or indirectly interrupt classes as well as cause harm to others.
  • The following is included on the price: a shell scheme, plug point, a light, name on fascia, trestle table, 2 chairs and a hot lunch for a maximum of 3 people for a single stand.  
  • Career Fairs run from 08:30 – 15:30.
  • Set up: Companies have a voluntary option to setup the evening before or the morning of the event. Should companies choose to set up the evening before the fair, neither the Counselling and Careers Development Unit nor the University of Witwatersrand will be held liable for any damage, loss and/or theft to property and/or belongings!
  • Cost:  R16 000 per single stand

The following Careers Fairs are scheduled for 2023:

  •  STEM – 18 April
  • Accounting – 3 & 4 May
  • General – 21 July
  • Law – 22 & 23 March
  • PG General – 12 September

To register click here: 

2023 Company Presentations:

 Evening presentation to students, on either East or West Campus from 17h00 – 19h30 latest.

  • Posters and marketing material to be supplied by companies to market and advertise presence to students.
  • Poster specifications: Max 25 no bigger than A3 size will be displayed on notice boards of targeted students.
  • Companies can get students to rsvp and cater for these presentations, for more info contact the GRP Office. .
  • Audio-visual equipment will be available for the presentation however no laptop will be provided. A technician will be available to assist with setup.
  • The presentation will be announced on the campus radio station.
  • Each presentation will run from 17h00 (venue dependent). Please note that companies will only have access to the venue during the above stated times and not earlier unless lectures finish early.
  • Companies opting for this service must ensure delivery of their marketing materials a month prior the event to enable adequate marketing to students.
  • Cost – R4 500.00

Company Showcase:

  • Showcases are similar to career fairs, the only difference is only 1 organisation is hosted on the day.
  • The event runs from 08h00 – 15h30.
  • The GRP will market your visit to your targeted students. Companies are requested to provide marketing material in advance to ensure adequate marketing.
  • Cost: R15 000.00

Download a pdf of the 2023 Graduate Recruitment Programme Information here.