Mineral specimen of Dioptase surrounded by calcite from Guchab, Namibia. Specimen is housed in the Bleloch Museum, Geosciences Building. Photograph courtesy Professor Bruce Cairncross
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Bleloch Geological Museum

The Bleloch Geological Museum in the Geosciences building houses a spectacular collection of rock and mineral specimens.

The Museum displays have undergone extensive redesign to highlight the tremendous breadth of Earth Science, including Geology, Geophysics, Palaeontology, Planetary Science and Meteorite Studies, Environmental Earth Science,
Crystallography and Mineralogy and to facilitate their use as an educational resource.

Booking is essential. Entrance fee to cover materials is R8-00/scholar. Joint bookings with James Kitching Gallery (Palaeontology) can also be arranged.

The museum is open from 08:00 to 16:30 each weekday and visitors are welcome.

Dr Ian McKay is available to conduct guided tours of the museum from Grade 1 to Grade 12, and to work with teachers in the development of programmes based on museum displays and other resource materials.

Dr Ian MacKay's contact details are as follows:

Telephone (011) 71-76665; Cell 084 500 3902; Fax (011) 71-76579

E-mail ian.mckay@wits.ac.za