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Alumni Communicator FAQs

Will the Communicator affect the operation of my device?

The Communicator is a lightweight application and should have no noticeable impact on your device. In some instances, you might need to change your anti-virus or firewalls settings to allow the Communicator to run.

How much bandwidth does the Communicator use?

The Communicator typically uses about 30Mb of data a month. This will fluctuate slightly from month to month depending how often content is updated, but should never be excessive.

Can my device contract a virus from the Communicator?

No. The Communicator has been extensively testedand uses public/private key encryption to ensure the authenticity of all updates. Further safeguards are in place to prevent the Communicator from altering any data outside of the folder into which it has been installed.

Will the Communicator compromise my personal information and privacy?

Any personal information shared with the Communicator (including your registration details) is private, and may only be used by the Alumni Office. It may not be sold or shared with any third party. The Communicator servers are protected by Thawte to ensure no unauthorised access of your details.

Who do I contact for Communicator technical and operational support?

Contact the Communicator technical support team or call 0860 22 11 36.

Can I permanently remove the Communicator?

The Communicator can be removed from your device by clicking the uninstall tab on the Communicator icon in your device’s start-up menu.