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Programmes of the Centre

The Centre is engaged in a range of programmes. Below are some of the broad themes.
Politics and Society
  • Dynamics of democracy in its historical context
  • Elections, electoral systems, and the question of representation
  • Representation of minority groups and women in political and public institutions
  • Race, gender, class and culture
  • Civil society and activism
  • Religion and religious movements
Foreign Policy and Geopolitics
  • US-Africa policy in its historical context and the present
  • The Cold War and Africa
  • US-Africa command and security interests
  • Aid and US foreign policy in Africa
  • Public diplomacy
Communications, Media, Culture and Society
  • Media and cultural studies
  • Media and cultural industries (news, film, television, music, theatre and performing arts)
  • The publishing industry: literary production and society
  • Heritage institutions
Technology and Society
  • Transport and transportation systems
  • Technological change
  • Silicon Valley and the tech industries
  • Aviation
Climate Change and Climate Justice
  • US policies and actions with regard to international
  • agreements and obligations on climate change
  • US energy policies, impact and implications for Africa
Higher Education
  • The structure of the higher education system
  • Funding and financing higher education
  • Research funding
Public Health
  • The US healthcare system: policy and practices
  • Healthcare and public policy
  • Healthcare institutions