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Impact on Society

Wits University is an institution that is locally embedded, nationally responsive and globally competitive. We strive to create impact through inspirational leaders who create new knowledge, make a difference in the world and who through their high level skills will solve the complex problems of the 21st Century. Witsies are fearless in their pursuit of new knowledge and innovation and are known to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, pioneers of science and agents of change.

They are valued for their independence and ingenuity. They have fought injustices, pioneered science and advanced economic development.

Wits is training scholars to deal with the next frontier of science, the future economy and its impact on people and society. While researchers, academics and scholars are focusing on mechanisation, block chain technologies, artificial intelligence, new mining technologies, quantum computing, machine learning and deep science with industry partners, Witsies are mindful of the impact of these new technologies on humanity, on how we express ourselves, on the future of our work, on morals, ethics and values, and the world as we know it today.

The University is well-placed to find a suitable balance in society, to teach the hard and soft skills required for the future economy and to ensure that these technologies are beneficial to humanity. Wits is positioned to actively lead the frontiers of knowledge creation and to ensure that South Africa and Africa are not confined to being passive receptors in a new age.

Impact on Teaching and Learning

Recognised for our academic excellence and agility to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century, we are leading digital teaching and learning on the African continent. Wits has rapidly been increasing our intake of postgraduate students with close to 40% of the student body now comprising of postgrads. 

These graduates are highly sought-after and are rapidly finding employment according to the latest Wits Graduate Exit Survey. Of those employed, a staggering 97% found employment within six months of graduating. 

Additionally, new infrastructure and technologies required to support our Digital strategy have been implemented and includes the enabling of better ICT support and Wi-Fi connections, the development of smart classrooms, simulation laboratories and e-zones and the training of academics to participate in the digital space. Future teaching plans emphasise the integration of technology in pedagogy, curriculum development, blended learning options, online programme development, smart classrooms, future libraries and knowledge hubs, and augmented teaching options.

Impact on Research

Wits aims to produce increasing amounts of research with impact, which includes research that changes disciplinary thinking – discovery research; research that influences policy and practice – translational research; and research that can be taken to the market to generate economic activity – innovative research. The University also aims to increase its postgraduate intake substantially in the next five years. There are multiple examples of how Wits impacts on society through its research.

Impact on Sport

Wits is home to a variety of sports clubs and societies ranging from rugby and hockey to fencing and diving. From the Olympics to national tournaments, Witsies make their mark in numerous sports codes. Read more at