Wits University
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Globally Competitive, Locally Responsive

Wits is a remarkable university that is internationally distinguished for its excellent research, high academic standards and commitment to social justice.

But it is much more than that.

It is an initiator, a change agent, a place that is itself continuously transforming with a single aim – to make our world a better place for all. Wits offers a free space for the exchange of ideas, a platform for opposing voices to find common ground and a vibrant intellectual community that fosters debate and knowledge transfer both in and beyond our lecture halls. 

More than 85% of our research is published in international journals. From telling the story of life, to finding solutions to deep level mining problems; from searching for the Higgs boson at CERN, to understanding the complexities of human interaction, our researchers are working with the best in the world. Wits has an extensive footprint across the continent. Through our networks, including the African Universities Alliance, we are leading public health programmes that are saving lives, uncovering Africa’s mineral resources, and serving as a hub to facilitate research and postgraduate training with key local and international institutions.

Our medical school is one of the best on the continent and through the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre we train more specialists and super-specialists than any other university in southern Africa. Our record in the humanities, in fighting for human rights and social justice, is well documented across the world.

Wits has produced over 160 000 alumni in our 95 year history. Amongst them are many illustrious artists, lawyers, politicians, business leaders, accountants and scientists who reflect the significant difference that our graduates make in the world today.

Wits has incredible energy and depth and is probably the most diverse university on the continent in terms of our demography, programmes and ideas. We encourage our students to push boundaries and to explore beyond the horizon. A microcosm of South Africa, Wits is a dichotomy of note, but also one that provides an inclusive environment for addressing moral, ethical, gender and social justice issues.

Our partners, networks and relationships serve as catalysts for the great ideas that help us to make the impossible, incredible.

We invite you to join us on our extraordinary journey to effect meaningful change in society and pave the way for a bright future for generations to come.