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Archival records are available for research use by all members of the University and the general public. Access to records is permitted only in the reading room and under the supervision of Archives staff. Restricted access conditions may apply to some records due to legislative regulations, University policy or conditions of deposit (records other than official material).

Prof N C H Ferrandi conducting a maths course for Sowetan teachers, 1981

Xerox, digital, microfilm or photographic copies of records can be supplied. The need to preserve archival materials may, however, prevent the reproduction of certain original documents.

Exercise and coronary thrombosis research, 1979

Reference Requests
General reference assistance is given by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail for specific enquiries, but it is not possible to carry out lengthy research on behalf of users unable to visit the Archives.

Students protest against apartheid government, 1981

Transfer of Records
No records may be transferred to the University Archives without the approval of the University Archivist. The approval will take the form of a communication setting out the specific instructions applicable to the transfer in question.