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                                                       Trefor Jenkins
                                                       Wiseman Lumkile Nkuhlu
                                                       Sir Terence English
                                                       Rory Byrne
                                                       Robert Griffiths Hodgins
                                                       Professor James David Lewis-Williams
                                                       Noel Chabani Manganyi
                                                       Mervyn King
                                                       Maria Teresa Heinz
                                                       Lewis Spitz
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                                                       Justice Dikgang Moseneke
                                                       John Steele Chalsty
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                                                       John Boscawen Burland
                                                       Jerold Turner Steele
                                                       Ian Boris Watt
                                                       Graham Norman Hall
                                                       Donato Franscesco Mattera
                                                       David Goldblatt
                                                       Bruce Fordyce
                                                       Anthony Gubbay
                                                       Abdullah Ibrahim
                                                       Amartya Sen
                                                       Alan Kemp
                                                       Abraham Morris Rudolph
                                                       Amina Cachalia
                                                       Pieter-Dirk Uys
                                                       Christopher John Robert Dugard
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                                                       Caster Semenya
                                                       Dr. Mamphela Ramphele
                                                       Keegan Kautzky
                                                       Bernice Samuels
                                                       Margaret H. Marshall
                                                       Kevin Aron
                                                       Basil Hirschowitz
                                                       Barbara Hogan
                                                       Johnny Clegg To Present New TV Show
                                                       Jankolowitz appointed as Lifeline Director
                                                       Rob Rose
                                                       Prof. Keith Klugman
                                                       Michael Sifris
                                                       Maria Ramos
                                                       Bafana bafana train at wits
                                                       Warren Nebe
                                                       Robyn Yannoukos
                                                       Alumni Profile - Danny K
                                                       Alumni in the News
                                                       Ronnie Apteker
                                                       Danny K On track
                                                       Ronnie Apteker in news
                                            Alumni Achievers
                                                       Alumni Achievers July 2009
                                                       Ken Costa
                                                       Dixit Joshi
                                                       Bob van Bebber
                                                       April 2010 Alumni with the Edge
                                                       Alumni with the edge-Snr Appointments
                                                       Jerry Lengoasa
                                                       Lael Bethlehem
                                                       Patrick Soon-Shiong
                                                       Alumni with the Edge July 2010
                                                       Garth Saloner
                                                       Dr. Steven Nathan
                                                       Alumni Achievers Jan 2011
                                                       Dr Gillian Klein
                                                       Stephen Joffe
                                                       Wits? Renaissance man makes waves abroad
                                                       The mind of Hamilton Wende
                                                       Stephen Joffe
                                                       A Knight s Vision
                                                       Top 200 Young South Africans
                                                       WR Oct 2011 edge
                                                       Oct 2011 writers
                                                       edge Jan 12
                                                       Ismé Bennie - Media and mentoring mogul
                                                       Mokale Koapeng - Musical Maestro
                                                       Alumni with the Edge Apr2012
                                                       Alumni on YouTube
                                            Where are they now
                                                       Where are they now
                                                       Brian Bloch
                                                       Laura Pereira
                                                       Dr Lisa Sacks
                                                       Mrs. P.K Watters
                                                       Prof. P. Jacobs
                                                       Denzil Levy
                                                       Andrew Higgins
                                                       Miranda Wolhuter
                                                       Spiro John Catravas-Grimani
                                                       Dr William Harding le Riche
                                                       Alan Levy
                                                       Medical School Class of 1961
                                                       John Richards
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                                                       Maria Ramos networking breakfast
                                                       KZN Alumni Reunion
                                            Graduation redirect
                                                       Book Sale
                                                       Indian Experience
                                            Past Events
                                                       Past Events
                                                       Life of bone
                                                       Alumni Beautiful Creatures Picture Review
                                                       Romantic Sundowner Picture Review 2007
                                                       Ernest Oppenheimer Hall Reunion 2007
                                                       Alumni Musical Picnic Picture Review
                                                       Alumni Bowls Day Invite
                                                       South Africa and The World Beyond 2010
                                                       New species of Hominid revealed
                                                       SWOP Breakfast Seminars
                                                       The Reptiles of Southern Africa
                                                       WBS fifa Invitation
                                                       Tawana Kupe
                                                       The Capital-Asset Pricing model
                                                       Oxford Alumni invite
                                                       World Cup reunion
                                                       Soccer World Cup Alumni reunion invite
                                                       Postgraduate Information Afternoon
                                                       SA scholarly presses cocktail reception
                                                       Sedibe naming
                                                       Poland and South Africa as Strategic Investment Partners
                                                       Norman Owen Smith
                                                       Mandela Institute courses
                                                       Mulatu Astatke
                                                       Oh, the places you?ll go!
                                                       Maid in 3 mediums
                                                       Michael Burawoy
                                                       Brian Brink
                                                       Is football healthy
                                                       Invitation to Sediba fossils launch @ Origins Centre
                                                       Innovation and Development
                                                       Humanity without Borders
                                                       London networking
                                                       How should the media be regulated
                                                       HOERNL?RESEARCH SEMINAR IN PHILOSOPHY
                                                       Health and Human Rights
                                                       Globalisation and Governance
                                                       Family Day
                                                       How Public Organizations Change
                                                       Darwin?s Contribution
                                                       Diseases of Lifestyle
                                                       Critique of Sense of Community
                                                       Considering Therianthropes
                                                       Conflict transformation
                                                       Colloquium on Media Freedom and Regulation
                                                       Christina Stallings seminar
                                                       Climate Change
                                                       Car Wash Challenge
                                                       Corbin & Bothma
                                                       Business Breakfast
                                                       Awesome new universe
                                                       Thomas Pogge
                                                       New species of Hominid revealed
                                                       Mindful Communication
                                                       MEMORY IN THE CITY SEMINAR
                                                       Andy Rowe
                                                       TOMMIE SHELBY
                                                       Founders Tea 2006
                                                       You Fool, How Can The Sky Fall
                                                       ?WOZANI? Discover the Orchestra Concert
                                                       Wits Theatre s 25th Birthday
                                                       Wits Arts and Literature Experience
                                                       Wits Alumni Golf Day 2008
                                                       WBS Alumni Weekend
                                                       WBS 40th Anniversay MBA Gala Dinner
                                                       WBS 40th Anniversary Golf & Alumni Open Day
                                                       WALE 2009
                                                       Vuyo Jack
                                                       Volunteer Awards 2008
                                                       Towards a Common Future: Conversations on Leadership by Saki Macozoma
                                                       The Helen Suzman Memorial Celebration
                                                       S.A s Economic Prospects
                                                       Reunion Dinner and launch of the Wits Alumni Lesotho Chapter
                                                       Volunteer Award Nominations 2008
                                                       "Sapsorrow" The Real Cinderella Story
                                                       Public Lectures by Professor Joseph E Stiglitz
                                                       Philosophy Conference
                                                       Perth Witsies launch Alumni Chapter
                                                       Perth Chapter Picnic and Wine Tasting
                                                       Paradoxes of the Postcolonial Public Sphere
                                                       Origins Tour
                                                       Of Hominids and Humankind
                                                       Nursing Gala Dinner
                                                       Nursing Education celebrates 70 years
                                                       Networking Breakfast - Prof Anton Harber
                                                       More Events
                                                       Mandla Langa s novel The Lost Colours of the Chameleon
                                                       Khomani San
                                                       Is the SABC biased in its Election Coverage?
                                                       Human Origins - The African Link
                                                       HGA Reunion 2008
                                                       Guided Tour of the Origins Centre
                                                       Golf Day Booking Form
                                                       Global Warming and the Search for Sustainable, Clean Energy
                                                       FROM BACH TO BROADWAY
                                                       Founders Tea 2008
                                                       Flyfishers Outing
                                                       Election manifestos: Sound and fury signifying nothing
                                                       Election 2009: Final Debate
                                                       Economic Debate
                                                       Durban Alumni Dinner
                                                       Centre for Rural Health
                                                       Cecily Sash at the Millinery Works
                                                       Cape Town Chapter Launch
                                                       Discovery Invest Leadership Summit 20090722
                                                       Business for Breakfast in New York
                                                       Bloemfontein Dinner 2009
                                                       An Alumni Networking Breakfast
                                                       Alumni Networking Breakfast - Shrink or Sink
                                                       Alumni Maropeng Tour
                                                       Alumni Golf Day 2009
                                                       Alumni Golf Day 2008
                                                       Alumni Dinner in London June 2008
                                                       Advanced Mathematics of Finance Alumni Dinner 2008
                                                       Accounting Alumni Association Event
                                                       85th Birthday Celebration Picture Review
                                                       85th Birthday Celebration
                                                       3rd Annual Nelson Mandela Science Lecture
                                                       2009 HGA Reunion
                                                       2009 Elections: Women on top?
                                                       2007 HGA Reunion
                                                       Women as Agents for Change
                                                       2007 Founders Tea (By invitation)
                                            Make a Donation - Alumni
                                            Event pay
                                            Current Events
                                                       A CHILD from THE CRADLE
                                                                  Kgalema Motlanthe in New York
                                                                  A ripple of hope
                                                                  RFK in the land of Apartheid
                                                                  Finding a home for a ‘paper son’
                                                                  Forbidden Music
                                                                  Football League
                                                                  What is religion
                                                                  Botswana Alumni Reunion Dinner
                                                                  Postgraduate Networking Event
                                                                  Alumni Business Breakfast
                                                                   Sex Actually Festival
                                                                  Photo Competition
                                                                  Varsity Shield warm up
                                                                  Varsity Shield
                                                                  The Hypochondriac
                                                                  Square Kilometre Array
                                                                  The Wits Trio
                                                                  Reflections on Wits
                                                                  Alumni Reunions in America
                                                                  Inaugural lecture
                                                                  Language School 15th anniversary
                                                                  Contemporary Craft
                                                                  International Corporate Governance Conference
                                                                  Public Debate
                                                                  Research Day and Postgraduate Expo
                                                                  AUSTIN Texas Reunion
                                                                  DALLAS Texas Reunion
                                                                  HOUSTON Texas Reunion
                                                                  Texas Reunions
                                                                  ATLANTA Georgia Reunion
                                                                  Breaker Morant
                                                                  Prof Tobias Memorial Invitation
                                                                  Perth Reunion
                                                                  Melbourne Reunion
                                                                  Sydney Reunion
                                                                  Kudu Race 2012
                                                                  Mandela Day Celebration
                                                                  Varsity Shield
                                                                  Transformation Award
                                                                  Paul Levy Memorial
                                                                  Abdullah Ibrahim
                                                                  Mineral and Petroleum
                                                                  Extractive Industries
                                                                  Ethics Alive
                                                                  Extractive Industries2
                                                                  Mineral and Petroleum2
                                                                  Eco Breakfast
                                                                  Phoenix Mission to Mars
                                                                  Health Sciences Reunion
                                                                  Eco Breakfast
                                                                  Heritage Day
                                                                  Public Health
                                                                  Adrian Gore Cocktail Event
                                                                  Law Conference
                                                       Events for Alumni in the UK
                                                                  Pacific Salmon
                                                                  Canada Reunions
                                                                  West Coast Reunions
                                                                  Health Sciences Reunion
                                                                  Alumni Reunion Irvine
                                                                  Reunion West Coast Los Angeles
                                                                  Reunion San Diego
                                                                   Reunion San Francisco
                                                                  Canada Toronto Reunion
                                                                  Canada Vancouver Reunion
                                                                  Conversation with Members of the Judiciary
                                                                  Science Expo
                                                                  Photographic Competition 2013
                                                                  West Coast Reunions
                                                                  Canada Reunions ALL
                                                                  Kudus Race
                                                                  Oil and Gas Industry
                                                                  Installation VC
                                                                  JFK Screening
                                                                  Conversation Habib
                                                                  Empty Folder
                                                                  Carlos Cardoso
                                                                  Empty PAGE not EVENT
                                                                  Habib Book Launch
                                                                  Feathered Dinosaurs
                                                                  Helen Nicholson
                                                                  Dr Martyn Davies
                                                                  Delete me please
                                                                  Golf Day
                                                                  Ferial Haffajee
                                                                  Yebo Gogga 2014
                                                                  Book Launch
                                                                  Alumni Workshop
                                                                  Alumni Pub
                                                                  Colin Browne Event
                                                                  Kudu Race 2014
                                                                  Mthunzi Mdwaba
                                            NYC thanks
                                            HGA thanks
                                            haffajee survey
                                            Clem Sunter 2014
                                            WITSReview Online
                                            Letters & Editorial
                                                       The Review continues its fine content
                                                       Michael Larkin
                                                       WRF celebrates its 20th anniversary
                                                       Letters & Editorial
                                                       Dalai Lama Responses
                                                       Memories of Dr Bleksley
                                                       Letters to the Editor July 2009
                                                       Investing in a qualification
                                                       Protecting your investment in a Wits qualification
                                                       WITS STATEMENTS ON XENOPHOBIC INCIDENTS
                                                       July 2010 Editorial
                                                       Editorial July 2009: A World-Class African University
                                                       The doctors strike, is it ethical? Aug 2009
                                                       Editorial April 2010
                                                       Cheers to Graham Mackay
                                                       Editorial Oct 2011
                                                       student protest
                                                       All Witsies
                                                       Edge at 90
                                                       Editorial Jan 12
                                                       Witsies reflect on their Alma Mater
                                                       WR Apr2012 Letters
                                                       Ian Spitz
                                            Photo Essays
                                                       Photo Essays
                                            News Bytes
                                                       News Bytes
                                                       Ernst van Heernden Award
                                                       WALE 2010
                                                       Student beds
                                                       R&D spend
                                                       WAM strikes a blow for African art
                                                       Nelson Mandela Hospital
                                                       Prof Lee Berger has been podcast
                                                       Past News Bytes
                                                       Original Mandela papers published
                                                       Spectacular World Cup event facility on campus
                                                       Time for our society to surrender-
                                                       Name the Sedibe child
                                                       Ivan May
                                                       Incubating transformation through the Arts
                                                       Jeremy Gordin Aug 2009
                                                       News Bytes July 2009
                                                       THE PROTECTION OF INFORMATION BILL AND THE MEDIA APPEALS TRIBUNAL PROPOSAL
                                                       Clever Boys
                                                       Chamber of Mines Building
                                                       Wits tackles the right to know
                                                       Bafana Bafana find a new home for 2010 World Cup at Wits
                                                       A fossil named Karabo
                                                       Children of change
                                                       Building a world-class campus
                                                       Centre for Indian Studies in Africa
                                                       Being human and a shot of tequila
                                                       Rising to the challenge to be a top university
                                                       Andrew Crouch
                                                       Heritage PART II
                                                       Alumni mentors
                                                       Focus on Journalism
                                                       HERITAGE - The Finest Building
                                                       Graham Mackay
                                                       Loyiso Nongxa
                                                       Fighting an unjust enemy
                                                       Focus on Research
                                                       Rough diamonds
                                                       Proud publishing tradition at Wits
                                                       Profile interview - Belinda Bozzoli
                                                       Parktown Village II
                                                       Meet Earth Claw
                                                       Wits? medical school heritage, Part 2
                                                       Wits? medical school heritage
                                                       Tomorrow Trust
                                                       Talent Targeting
                                                       Smart Systems Deliver Drugs on Target
                                                       A Journey through Wits
                                                       world on campus
                                                       education system
                                                       bernard stanley cooke
                                                       road to 76
                                                       Research unusual
                                                       Ancient art palette
                                                       Drama for Life
                                                       Suprise Khoza
                                                       Disability Sisanda Msekele
                                                       Witsies against apartheid Part 3
                                                       Sculptures at Wits
                                            Social Pages
                                                       Social Pages November 09
                                                       The legacy of Helen Suzman: ?Fighter for Human Rights?
                                                       Welcome to Wits
                                                       Social Pages, October 2009
                                                       Celebrating Wits? role in the World Cup
                                                       Social Pages July 2009
                                                       Social Pages
                                                       Road Race
                                                       Life of Bone
                                                       Durban RFK
                                                       Founders 2011
                                                       Lenn Smith race
                                                       Young Alumni
                                                       Wits 90 Welcome Day
                                                       Book Reviews
                                                       Search for Origins
                                                       Book Reviews July 2009
                                                       Paper Wars
                                                       Zulu Love Letter
                                                       Sport versus Art
                                                       April 2010 Book Reviews
                                                       Talking to a Tree
                                                       Township Tonight
                                                       Battle Scarred
                                                       Exile and Music
                                                       Marginal Spaces - Reading Ivan Vladislavic
                                                       Radio in Africa: Publics, Cultures, Communities
                                                       WR Writing Edge April 2012
                                                       New SA
                                            At Wits End
                                                       At Wits End
                                                       Beating the bears with a bull
                                                       One last forage, then oblivion
                                                       Crime, culture and cholesterol
                                                       just dont burst
                                                       At Wits End April 2010
                                                       Nerd for life
                                            WR October 2011
                                            WITSReview January 2012
                                            Fun Pages
                                                       Dress up Kudos
                                            WitsReview April 2012
                                            WitsReview July 2012
                                            WITSReview July 2011
                                            WitsReview October 2012
                                            WITSReview Archive
                                                       Arena December 2005
                                                       WITSReview April 2011
                                                       Arena April 2005
                                                       Reader Survey
                                                                  WITSReview Reader Survey
                                                       WITSReview Archive
                                            WITSReview Jan 2013
                                            WITSReview April 2013
                                            Subscribe to WITSReview
                                                       Payment Gateway
                                            WITSReview July 2013
                                            Whats on July 2011
                                            WITSReview October 2013
                                            Latest WITSReview
                                            WITSReview January 2014
                                 Alumni Newsletters
                                            Alumni Newsletters
                                            Humanities July 2011
                                                       Whats on
                                                       edge July 2011
                                            Faculty of Health Sciences News
                                                       CLM Faculty eNewsletter August 2010
                                                       Justice Prize
                                                       Michael Sifris SC
                                                       New Heads of Law and Business Schools, Faculty
                                                       Research rating
                                                       Witsie is world?s best aviation lawyer
                                                       Investec partnership
                                                       Clifford Amoils
                                                       Wits accountancy alumni amongst South Africa?s best
                                                       Athol Williams
                                            Health Sciences - July 2009
                                            Health Sciences - May 2010
                                                       Health Sciences e-Newsletter, May 2010
                                                       Australia migration
                                                       Prof Kenneth Boffard
                                                       FHS Alumni Diaspora
                                                       Prof Thomas Joseph Daly
                                                       Wits doctors in Haiti
                                                       Year of the Nurse
                                                       Anne Paul
                                                       Prof Basil Hirschowitz
                                                       Prof Victor E. Pollak
                                                       Dr Arthur H. Rubenstein
                                                       Keegan Kautzky
                                                       Alumni with the edge
                                            Humanities March 2010 eNewsletter
                                            Faculty of Science News
                                            Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment News
                                            Faculty of Humanities News
                                            Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management News
                                            Anthony Bernard Lumby
                                            April 2010 eNewsletter
                                            Edge Survey 2012
                                            The Edge July 2012
                                            The Edge Sept 2012
                                            Alumni workshop 2014
                                 Flash July 2010 WITSReview
                                 SPORT, BENEFITS AND EMAIL SURVEY OF WITS ALUMNI
                                 Survey Thank you
                                 WITSReview Online_old
                                 WITSReview Reader Survey 2010
                                 WITSReview Reader Survey 2012
                                 Thank you for voting
                                            WR Apr 2012 Obituaries
                                 Alumni News Items
                                                       Author Barbara Cousens memoir
                                                       Anne Livingstone
                                                       Author James Wanless
                                                       Carol Chipkin
                                                       FNB Wits rugby back on top in Varsity Shield
                                                       Prof. Shane Norris and the Birth To Twenty Programme
                                                       MEDIA FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITIES
                                                       Jordache Ellapen Indian homosexuality film
                                                       Harold Motaung
                                                       Lord Mayor
                                                       Marianne Fassler
                                                       Nkhensani Nkosi
                                                       tribute book launch
                                                       William Kentridge
                                                       May Hermanus
                                                       Jonathan MacClements
                                                       Healthy companies
                                                       Adam Levy
                                                       Leslie Sedibe
                                                       Andy Higgins
                                                       Trevor Mundel
                                                       Memory Zimba
                                                       Denis Hirson
                                                       Mary Wafer
                                                       Glenda Gray
                                                       Nothando Migogo
                                                       Bottled water marketing myth
                                                       Gateway to China
                                                       Judo Championships
                                                       Oldest carnivorous predator
                                                       Sediba fossil Germany
                                                       Wits Art Museum
                                                       Peking Man
                                                       Gertrude Huss
                                                       steel headgear
                                                       Legal trends
                                                       Hand Surgery
                                                       Dinosaur Nursery
                                                       Monica Newton
                                                       Danny K
                                                       Ronnie Apteker
                                                       Alan Levy
                                                       Big Apple
                                                       Smithsonian Sediba
                                                       Prishani Naidoo
                                                       Dominik Heil
                                                       Rose tackles thorny issue of corruption
                                                       Wits ‘sisters’ in African fundraising Rally
                                                       Campsite ashes re-ignite fiery debate
                                                       Accountancy Witsies take top honours
                                                       God particle
                                                       reputation survey
                                                       New Sediba fossils
                                                       BeauTiFuel Project
                                                       Secrecy Bill
                                                       HIV Drama
                                                       Health Research Unit
                                                       Glenda Grey
                                                       j clegg
                                                       Modern culture
                                                       Megan Russell
                                                       TEDx Presentations
                                                       right to know
                                                       Public Accountability Forum
                                                       National Research Foundation
                                                       Wits Club
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                                            Forthcoming Titles
                                            What is slavery to me
                                            The First Ethiopians
                                            Origins of non-racialism
                                            The Elands People
                                            People of the Eland
                                            African Security Governance: Emerging Issues
                                            Bury me at the marketplace
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                                            Slavery launch
                                            People of the Eland launch
                                            Contradicting Maternity
                                            Origins of Non-Racialism
                                            Leonie Joubert wins award
                                            Launch of Abantu Besizwe
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