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Postgraduate Funding Opportunities


1. Wits Postgraduate Merit Award (PGMA) and Merit Scholarship

The aim of the University Postgraduate Merit Award (PMA) is to assist graduates to complete Honours, Masters or PhD degrees by research or by a combination of course work and research on both a full-time and part- time basis. Tuition fees to a maximum of R48 600 will be awarded to students who qualify.

Please note that the PMA does not pay for accomodation, international registration fees, clubs and societies, parking ect.

 All applications for Postgraduate Merit Award and Honours to PHD 5 Year Scholarship are done online through the Student Self-Service portal. All supporting documentation should also be uploaded online. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION Postgraduate Funding Terms & Conditions

Closing dates:
31Oct – Jan/Apr Registration
30 Apr – Jul/Sept Registration

2.Harold and Doris Tothill Scholarships

This Scholarship is available to all full time Masters and PHD students studying English or English related fields. The amount is determined by a committee. Closing date for these applications are the 31st of March. Applications are dependant on the availabilty of funds

3. External Statutory Funding

There are several funding opportunitites that postgraduate students can apply for as below

  • National Research Foundation (NRF)

    The NRF offers Scholarships for Honours, Masters and PHD.  The Free-standing, Innovation and Scarce Skills NRF scholarships are offered to full - time students who are South African citizens and permanent residents. A small percentage is awarded to non- SA citizens. Students may apply online at .

    To view NRF opportunities please visit 

    NRF Square Kilometre Array ( SKA)

    The NRF SKA Scholarship is available for South African citizens who wish to study an Honours, Masters or PHD degree majoring in Astronomy and or Astrophysics. Students may apply online at

    Mandel Rhodes Scholarship

    The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship is available for full-time students who are citizens of African countries. Registered Wits students studying towards an Honours or Masters Degrees under the age of 30 years old may apply online at

    Please contact the PG Funding Office for closing dates on: 011 717 1073 / 011 717 1062 

 4. Externally Administered Overseas Funding

Students may apply for the following overseas funding:

  • The Commonwealth Scholarship. Full time, South African students who intend on enrolling at a United Kingdom University can apply online at Applications usually open at the end of August.
  • The Rhodes Scholarship. Students who are applying to study at Oxford University are able to apply for this scholarship. Please consult the website for more details