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WitsSport administers sport and sporting facilities at Wits University. We work closely with the student-elected Wits Sports Council (WSC) to deliver sports programmes to students, staff and alumni, and to offer sport lovers at Wits a vibrant sporting culture. We provide the university community with opportunities to participate in a range of sports codes at the level they choose, while contributing to enhancing Wits' sporting prowess. We work to encourage the entire Wits community to see health, fitness and being physically active as a way of life. 

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Wits Sport Facilities SPORTS FACILITIES

Wits University offers students some of the finest and most diverse sports facilities in the country and all registered members are invited to make use of these marvellous amenities. 

West Campus  East Campus  Off Main Campus  Sturrock Park


Wits Sport Bursaries and ScholarshipsBURSARIES & ATHLETE ACADEMIC SUPPORT

WitsSport administers several bursaries for students with demonstrable sporting prowess that is backed up by satisfactory academic results. There is also an academic support programme in place for student-athletes. If you're a sports achiever who has shown excellence, Wits is the place to be! Application forms obtainable from your sports officer, or e-mail a request to Kerry.Yates, (tel 011-717 9441). See the Bursaries page for details of successful 2014 applications.


WitsSport's Conference Venues has facilities such as function halls that can be hired out by departments, students, staff at the University as well as clients and organisations operating in the private sector.
For details contact functions & events manager Rafik Fridi (tel 011-717 9406).



For any sports-related information, visit the WitsSports offices located at Sturrock Park (West Campus, see map above) or call us on 011-717 9409/9414. 
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