Examination Clashes

Please note that in order to accommodate a student with clashes in a special venue, the student is required to complete a form at the Examinations and Graduation Office (EGO). Click here to download the form.

Please Complete and hand the form to the EGO office by Thursday 15 October 2015 and request a stamped copy and NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Timetable Clashes/Double-Up

For those students who have two examinations scheduled to be written at the same time on the same day.

Rules for students with timetable clashes:

  • The student must inform both lecturers of the affected courses about the clash.
  • These students start the morning session at 8:00 am and the afternoon session at 12:30.
  • Students are given a break between papers. The duration for the break is less than one hour and students may not leave the vicinity of the SH3118 venue. Students are thus required to bring a lunch pack with them in the morning.
  • The examination with the longer duration will start first. If the examinations are of equal length, EGO will determine which examination will be written first.
  • Students writing exams in the afternoon must not leave the venue before 15:00.