Examination Clashes

Please note that in order to accommodate a student with clashes in a special venue, the student is required to complete a form at the Examinations and Graduation Office (EGO). Click here to download the form.

Please Complete and hand the form into EGO by Friday 15 May 2015 and request a stamped copy and NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Timetable Clashes/Double-Up

For those students who have two examinations scheduled to be written at the same time on the same day.

Rules for students with timetable clashes:

  • The student must inform both lecturers of the affected courses about the clash.
  • These students start the morning session at 8:00 am and the afternoon session at 12:30.
  • Students are given a break between papers. The duration for the break is less than one hour and students may not leave the vicinity of the SH3118 venue. Students are thus required to bring a lunch pack with them in the morning.
  • The examination with the longer duration will start first. If the examinations are of equal length, EGO will determine which examination will be written first.
  • Students writing exams in the afternoon must not leave the venue before 15:00.