Deferred Examinations

The application process for deferred examinations as awarded in terms of the University's rule (G13.6) is as follows:

A deferred application is submitted by a student for the following reasons:

a)   Illness

A student who is unable to take an examination because of illness may be granted a deferred examination.

b)  Religious grounds

A student who objects to taking an examination on a holy day of his/her particular faith should submit a letter of support for his/her application for a deferred examination from the religious leader of that faith. Students who celebrate Diwali need to refer to the University/Faculty communication sent out on Monday in this regard.

c)   Sporting or cultural commitments

A student may be granted a deferred examination if he/she has been selected to participate in a sporting, cultural or similar event, as a formal representative of the University, province or country, or in a capacity considered equivalent by the Head of School.

d)   Other grounds

An application for a deferred examination on grounds other than those listed above will be considered on its merits. Applications from students who have been involved in, or affected by activities over the last two weeks on campus will be considered. Students must provide proof of this in support of their deferred application. 

This may be in the form of 

  1. A self-written motivation letter/ affidavit 
  2. Letter from CCDU 
  3. A letter from a medical practitioner ( in case of trauma suffered)

Deferred applications must be completed and returned (by the latest) to your Faculty Office within three working days of the date on which the examination was due. Deferred application forms are available from your Faculty Offices and Faculty websites. Once your deferred application has been approved, the date of your deferred examination will be communicated to you by your Faculty/School after publication of the end of year results.

Should you have any further queries on this matter, please contact your Faculty Office.