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Writing Retreats

In order to facilitate growth in each postgraduate student, the Postgraduate Affairs Office offers writing retreats.

Each Faculty will run at least 1 writing retreat in 2018. They will be advertised advertised via Sakai soon and will go out to all postgraduate students’ Wits emails and to supervisors.

Students will be invited to apply to attend the retreats. 

It should be noted that each Faculty facilitates their own retreat, and therefore they will differ according to the individual needs in each Faculty.

Also please note that Faculties do run other writing retreats apart from those offered by the Postgraduate Affairs Office.

Retreats are generally limited to a maximum of 20 students and come with the proviso that students should have attended certain research support workshops before they can come to a writing retreat, or provide evidence that they will benefit. It is essential that once registered, a student must attend the full retreat.

In 2018 we are offering in each Faculty, 3 or 4-day on-campus retreats to

  • facilitate the rapid completion of theses and dissertations for Masters and PhD students and
  • assist PhD students to draft publications.