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Staff Profile

Associate Professor Kasturi Moodaliyar

QualificationsLLM, MPhil, LLB, BProc
Phone 0117178441
Organisational Unit School of Law

Her fields of interests include competition law, criminology, criminal law and telecommunications regulation.

K asturi Moodaliyar is an Associate Professor of Competition Law at the University of Witwatersrand, School of Law. Prior to her joining the Law School in February 2005 she worked as an enforcement and exemptions investigator and there after a merger analyst at the Competition Commission in Pretoria. Kasturi graduated from the University of Natal with B.Proc.LLB and LLM degrees. She was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 2000. Kasturi was awarded the Nelson Mandela Magdalene scholarship to read for her M.Phil degree in criminological research at Cambridge University in 2001. In 2004 she completed the Programme in Economics and Public Finance at Unisa. She is currently reading for her PhD in Competition Law. She is also the coordinating editor for the Butterworths Competition Law Reports and has been a guest editor on the South African Journal of Economics and Management Sciences. She has published both nationally and internationally in the field of competition law. Kasturi joined the Film and Publication Board as an Appeal Tribunal Member late 2011. She is also an adjudicating member of ICASA's Complaints and Compliance Commission. Kasturi has been recognized as one of the Best of the Best: Up and Coming Top Female Antitrust and Law Professors (2010) and made the list of the Mail & Guardian 200 Top Young South Africans (2012). She co-edited the recent publication “Development of Competition Law and Economics in South Africa” (2012).


Book :

K Moodaliyar and S Roberts (eds) Key Issues in Competition Law and Economics (2012). HSRC Press.


International Book Chapters:

K Moodaliyar, ‘Private enforcement in South Africa’ in The international Handbook on Private Enforcement on Competition Law. Albert A. Foer, Jonathan W. Cuneo (eds.) (2010). Publication by Edward Elgar Publishers in association with the American Antitrust Institute. 553-563.

K Moodaliyar, ‘Competition Policy in SADC: A South African Perspective’ in Competition Policy and Regional Integration in Developing Countries (2012) Edited by Josef Drexl, Mor Bakhoum, Eleanor Fox, Michal S. Gal and David Gerber. Edward Elgar Publishers in association with the Max Planck Institute (eds).


Local Book Chapters

K Moodaliyar and K Weeks: ‘A framework for promoting competition in electronic communications: clarifying the role of the Competition Authority and the sector regulator’. Chapter accepted for publication for book Key Issues in Competition Law and  Economics HSRC Press (2012).

K Moodaliyar and S Roberts: ‘Introduction: Reflection on ten years of competition law enforcement’. Chapter accepted for publication for book Key Issues in Competition Law and Economics HSRC Press (2012).


K Moodaliyar ‘The impact of the Ansac/Botash decision on competition policy in South Africa’ (2006)18 SA Mercantile Law Journal 367-375.

K Moodaliyar ‘Are Cartels Skating on Thin Ice? An Insight into the South African Corporate Leniency Policy’ (2008)125 (1) South African Law Journal 157-177.

K Moodaliyar and K Weeks ‘Characterising price fixing: a Journey through the looking glass with ANSAC’ (2008)11(3) South African Journal of Economics and Management Sciences 337-353.

K Moodaliyar, J.F. Reardon and S Theuerkauf Relationship between Private and Public Enforcement in Competition Law: A comparative analysis between South African, European and Swiss Law (2010)127(1) South African Law Journal 141-162.  (Also cited as recommended reading for the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Master’s course).

S Roberts, J Klaaren, and K Moodaliyar “Introduction to Special Section on Competition Law and Economics” (2008)11 (3) South African Journal of Economics and Management Sciences 247-249.

K Moodaliyar ‘Summary of the 5th Annual ICN Conference’ (Fall 2006) American Bar Institute International Antitrust Law Bulletin 12.  This was a sole publication and not a duplication of the report done with Hartzenburg (see below).


Published Reports:

K Moodaliyar and T Hartzenberg (2006). Report on the Fifth Annual Conference of the International Competition Network. Http://

B.Farmer, K Moodaliyar, B Carron, F Hoffet, P Krauskopf, M Meinhardt, S Venturi and P Zurkinden (2009), Report on the Eighth Annual International Competition Network.


Book Reviews

Jessica Almqvist Human Rights, Culture and the Rule of law, (March, 2006).Law and Society

institute at Maryland University. Vol.16 No.3.

Michael D. Whinston Lectures on Antitrust Economics, Law and Society Institute at Maryland

University (July 2007)17(7)

Maher M Dabbah Competition Law and Policy in the Middle East, Law and Society Institute at Maryland University  (July 2009)



Newspaper Op-Eds

“Big Money Swings Lady Justice” Mail and Guardian, 13 July 2012,

“Competition Rules make Economic Sense” Business Report, 11 April 2013,


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