Linder Auditorium
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Linder Auditorium

The Linder Auditorium is a prominent concert and cultural venue widely recognised for its acoustic merits. It is situated at the Education Campus of the University of the Witwatersrand, 27 St Andrews Road, Parktown, Johannesburg.

Orchestra performing at Linder Auditorium

The auditorium is used for concerts, choir festivals, dancing, ballet, a variety of musical and ceremonial productions. Wits and the management of the Linder auditorium actively encourage the use of the Linder and its satellite facilities (the Space Frame Foyer, the Space Frame theatre and the Exam Hall) for a variety of events. The facilities can also be used for conferences, educational, prestigious business and multi-cultural functions, body-building and health conventions, etc at reasonable rates.

Comprehensive catering, refreshment and bar facilities are provided by the Ngamlas Cafe situated immediately adjacent to the auditorium.

The Linder Auditorium is acknowledged as a home to the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO).


  • Main auditorium (fully airconditioned) seatingplan.doc
  • Linder foyer
  • Preparation room (adjacent to Exam Hall) equipped with a multiplug board
  • Projection room with mixer desk, basic CD player
  • VIP/Conductor?s room (newly furnished & decorated)
  • 2 x dressing rooms
  • Mezzanine level for small VIP function/cocktail parties.
  • Upstairs bar & bar area (capacity 150 standing)
  • seating capacity : 1059
  • stalls : 474
  • balcony : 213
  • east mezzanine : 186
  • west mezzanine: 186
  • stage dimensions : 16 m x 9 m
  • power: 3 phase on stage
  • Disabled bays in row E for 4 persons with disabled access ramps

Satellite facilities

  • Space Frame Foyer: (capacity 300/350 persons standing)
  • Exam Hall: (capacity 400/450 persons seated)
  • Unavailable in exam times (3 weeks in June & 3 weeks in November) - suitable for exhibitions, large catering functions etc.
  • Space Frame Theatre: (capacity 175 seated).
  • Conference room, in Student Union Block, for private meetings/preparatory sessions.

    (Note: the Exam Hall is equipped with a ventilation system, not airconditioning)

Parking and freeway access

  • Adequate parking is available adjacent to the Linder Auditorium (including disabled bays) and around the campus including 150 bays in the Victoria Road gate area and behind the sports stadium. Ready access to the Education Campus is available from the M1 south and M1 north.


  • The Education campus is provided with 24 hour Security and all parking areas around the campus are patrolled regularly by security guards.

Hiring and Booking


Enquiries should be directed to :
Facilities Manager
Education Campus,
University of the Witwatersrand
27 St Andrews Road,
Parktown 2193.
Tel: 011-717-3223


All aspects pertinent to hiring of the Linder Auditorium are covered in the application document.

Musical and other equipment (for hire)

  • Steinway model D orchestral concert grand piano 
  • Yamaha upright piano
  • Ibach upright piano
  • Boesendorfer concert grand piano (refurbished 2004)
  • Steinway model 'O' baby grand piano
  • Allen electronic organ (one of a few in Gauteng) made in USA.

Other equipment (no hire charge - included in venue use rent)

  • 9 x 2m x 1m x 0.3m carpeted platforms
  • Wine red runner carpet
  • 2 x podiums
  • 2 x flower stands
  • 2 x standing microphones(cable)
  • 25 trestle tables
  • 25 wooden tables
  • 60-90 padded chairs - additional padded and other chairs are available if required.