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Clinic Training and Services

Student-clinicians of Wits Speech Pathology and Audiology provide services to approximately 1000 individuals and their families every year. Supervised therapy is conducted at a number of sites during university term times.

Wits Speech and Hearing Clinic

The Wits Speech and Hearing Clinic is situated on the East Campus at Wits University, in the Umthombo building. Click here for a map. The clinic serves as both a student training facility and public service site. Assessment and intervention are provided by student-clinicians under the direct supervision of registered speech-language pathologists and audiologists. In addition, the Clinic works in close association with related University departments such as Physiotherapy, Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Education.

The services that are provided by USHC include:

  • Speech-language assessments for adults and children,
  • Hearing assessments including electrophysiological assessments, including ABR and SSEP,
  • Hearing aid fitting and management,
  • Aural rehabilitation, including sign language management, parent counseling and compensation training, as well as involvement with cochlear implantation programmes.

Our clinic works on appointment basis, so if you require an appointment please contact Mrs. Beatrice Pitsoe at the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, Room 133 Umthombo Building, East Campus, University of the Witwatersrand.

Referrals to the USHC can be made by audiologists, speech-language-pathologists, educators, physicians or self-referrals. It is helpful to have recent assessments and treatment plans forwarded. For appointments and queries, please phone the USHC reception on Tel: 011 717 4567.

Wits Satellite Clinic Sites

Speech-language pathology and audiology services are provided by student-clinicians in a number of clinical settings off-campus, including various hospitals, schools and community centres.

The Centre for Language and Hearing Impaired Children

Started by Wits Speech Pathology and Audiology, and now managed by the Society for Language and Hearing Impaired Children Wits in association with Wits, the Centre has developed into an integrated unit that offers a specialised programme for children with speech-language and hearing impairments. Children are integrated into small classes in a specialised pre-primary environment focusing on language stimulation. The fundamental philosophy is to focus on the individual needs of each child, using a multidisciplinary team of specialists which includes two Heads (language and hearing), six teachers and three teaching assistants, five speech-language pathologists, one audiologist, two occupational therapists, one physiotherapist, and one psychologist.

The Centre focuses on the early diagnosis and multidisciplinary management of preschoolers with speech, language and hearing difficulties, including assessment, therapy and teaching in a small, nurturing, language-rich classroom environment with strong parent involvement. The Centre is also involved in outreach programmes to disadvantaged communities. One of the objectives of the Centre is to provide a resource facility for outside professionals. Students of Speech Pathology and Audiology receive training at the Centre.

Phone: +27 11 484 3408

Address: 5 Jubilee Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193