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Student Equity and Talent Management Unit

The Student Equity and Talent Management Unit (SETMU) was established in 2007 as a pilot project with the intention of facilitating access to educational opportunities for previously disadvantaged young people.



The aim of these programmes is to assist learners from both disadvantaged and better resourced backgrounds to access higher education opportunities and to provide them with the support needed to be successful in their studies

Mission and Vision

To be a leader in talent identification, recruitment and development in Africa, with SETMU seeking to provide access and retention to university for high potential students with access and retention defining the purpose of the Unit.

Our Values

Transformation: We are passionate about contributing to equity and transformation in higher education

Unity: We work towards internal unity by establishing a culture of teamwork amongst our employees and are keen in developing partnerships which will contribute to the growth and enhancement of South African youth and communities.

Motivation: Consistently offering support to our learners and employees to recognise their potential and we encourage a culture of volunteerism and hold the belief that our students and employees may serve as role models to others.

Success: We believe that success is achieved through hard work, support and perseverance.

Excellence: We are committed to producing work of the highest quality and standard.